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[DPS] Gambler – Fortune Rogue

Gambler rogue

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The second edition of 4th specs drives us tonight to rogues’ brotherhood. This one may relate to an aspect some may miss in WoW, which is gambling, chance games and fortune. Rogues nowadays are mere assassins, but they miss their gambling shade, don’t they? Also, this may be the one and only mid range “melee” class, reinforcing its uniqueness. As I said (and as far as I know), there are no renowned gambler rogues currently in WoW, so this one might be one of the few that stand out most.

achievement_guildperk_ladyluck_rank2[Fortune] Master of illusion, confusion and chance, able to perform deadly and perplexing dagger-juggling strikes in close mid range.

Spec skill:

achievement_guildperk_ladyluck_rank2 [Ace]: finishing movement with daggers that inflicts 100% weapon damage (and 100% off-hand damage) and shows 3 new cards and a new dice roll. Ace’s damage is increased by 33/66/100%  depending on how many cards are left, the less there are the more damage. In case that there are no cards left in game, Ace keeps the buffs from the previous card and dice roll. The damage is increased depending on the combo points consumed. 35 energy.

Passive bonuses:

inv_misc_dice_01 [Game of Chance]: the gambler makes use of the cards and dices as a basic mechanic. Each Deck roll consists of 3 random cards; each card grants the rogue a random accumulative buff (mastery, haste and +% damage). The first card lasts 5 sec, the second 10 sec and the third 15 sec. The Dices grant a buff on the critical hit chance between 0% and 100% while the Deck cards are active. Using Ambush and x begins the rolls.

inv_gizmo_khoriumpowercore [Conjuring and juggling]: attacking or being attacked has a chance of creating a static and harmless decoy image for 10 sec, and any direct damage to the copy will destroy it. Furthermore, anytime an image is destroyed there is a chance that the rogue teleports somewhere around the enemy that destroyed it. The chance of creating decoys is higher while Sprint is active.

inv_gauntlets_16 [Pierrot]: increases the range of all melee attacks and skills to 15 yds. The damage caused while wielding dages 10%. Also, increases the mastery of all party and raid members by x. Furthermore, the movement speed is increased by 3% per active combo point in the target.

spell_shadow_manafeed [Master of Deceit]: when using Vanish, the rogue emits a blinding flash that causes hostile nearby targets to wander dazzled for 2 sec. Cloak of Shadows is improved to reflect 50% of all magic cast upon the rogue. Combat readiness counterattacks all parried melee hits. In addition, increases Smoke bomb’s radius by 2 yd and makes enemies trapped inside have their vision distorted in a similar way to drunkenness. However, the healing received from Recuperate is halved.

Active abilities:

inv_jewelry_ring_66 [Roulette]: rotating dagger attack that deals x% weapon damage over 2 sec in a 15 yd radius. Upon finishing the channeling, a new Dice roll is made. Roulette’s damage has a small chance of causing random negative effects on enemies affected, such 2 sec snare, 2 sec dazzle, or 10 yd pushaway. The rogue may move while channeling. Generates 1 combo point. 35 energy, 2 sec channeling. Replaces Fan of knives. 

inv_jewelry_talisman_07 [Seven Lucky Strikes]: deals 7 swift dagger strikes. Each one inflicts 25% weapon damage. If all 7 strikes are critical, the next time Seven Lucky Strikes is reused will cause instead 777% weapon damage. Generates 1 combo point. 35 energy.

spell_holy_borrowedtime [Once again!]: deals 150% of the damage inflicted in the previous 1/2/3/4/5 seconds depending on the combo points used. 15 seg CD.

spell_shadow_focusedpower [Misshit]: deals 30% weapon damage. If the hit is successful, the rogue will teleport 90 degrees left/rightside of the target. Also, reduces the current threat level and reduces area damage taken by 50% for 6 sec. Generates 1 combo point. Replaces Feint.

achievement_boss_nexus_prince_shaffar [Incorporeal]: warp to a decoy image. After changing positions, the movement speed is increased 60% for 2 sec and the next attack will deal 20% more damage. 30 sec CD.

Support abilities:

achievement_dungeon_ulduarraid_misc_06 [Gambler’s Portal]: the rogue blurs and fades behind a void card and teleports to a random place 15 yds away, where the rogue keeps in improved stealth for 2 sec. This skill does not get the rogue out of combat. 50 energy. 1 min CD.

inv_misc_ticket_tarot_maelstrom_01 [Wall of Mischief]: summons 3 wall cards that surround the rogue for 15 sec, of which 2 of them are mere fakes. If an enemy strikes a fake card, the attack will be reflected. The whole wall will go down if the correct card is hit. 1 min CD.


inv_misc_web_02 [Mastery – Threads of Fortune] – Increases all damage dealt by x% depending on the amount of energy the rogue has unspent. The more energy the more damage.


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