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[DPS] Purification Priest


The Purifier idea comes from a hybrid build I tried during Wrath of the Lich King getting all the talents I could to increase the damage of Smite and Holy Fire, which unfortunately for me did not work, because I had much fun trying it out.

Lorewise, there have been a few wayward priests and paladins who used holy magic offensively as a caster. More concretely in the Argent Dawn, called Templars. They were not really well seen, though. More examples are Blood Elf Priests, which are known for being a sort of holy mages (see Blood Elf Dawn Priests).


[Purification]: Caster who calls upon holy and divine arts to chastise and burn down foes in searing light.

Skill priority:

  1. Censer of Purity
  2. Holy Word: Stigma
  3. Revelation
  4. Angelic Lance (Low health/Movement); Wall of Light (AoE); Fist of Faith (Single target/Cleave)
  5. Holy Bolt
  6. Smite

At or under 20% health, Holy Word: Extreme Unction becomes 1st priority.

Note: This priority may vary depending on talent choices. Cascade, Divine Star and Halo are not included.

Passive bonuses:

Spell_holy_holynova[Divine presence]: Increases by 5% the Critical Hit Chance and Multistrike of all party and raid members.

ability_paladin_blessedhands[Light’s Might]: You gain 5% more Critical Strike chance from all sources.

inv_offhand_pvealliance_d_01[Light’s boon]: Allows the priest to use Divine Fury as a secondary resource and unlocks special skills to unleash Divine Fury. Abilities that require Divine Fury are instant while casting Smite or Holy Bolt. Critical hits caused by Smite, Censer of Purity, Holy Bolt and Revelation generate 5 Divine Fury, crits from Cascade 3 DF, Divine Star 2 DF and Halo 3 DF.

spell_holy_redemption[Ashes to ashes]: The periodic damage from Smoldering ashes now has a 5% chance of enabling a single use of Holy word: Extreme unction with instant cast, regardless of the enemy target’s health.

inv_jewelry_ring_60[Chains of Torment]: When your Smite and its multistrikes damage an enemy affected by Holy Word: Stigma, 30% of that damage chains to other hostile units affected by your Holy Word: Stigma.

spell_holy_holyguidance [Apotheosis]: whenever you land consecutive critical hits, you gain 5% haste for 6 sec, up to a max of 5 stacks (5 crits in a row).

spell_holy_pureofheart[Blind Faith]: Divine Fury consuming skills criticals now return x Divine Fury, check tooltips for more information.

Ability_paladin_selflesshealer [Purification]: Revelation now dispels 1 beneficial effect from the target. If the dispelling is successful, the priest will be healed for 15% of his maximum health.

Active abilities:

spell_holy_holysmite [Smite]: Smite an enemy for x holy damage. 1.5 sec cast.

ability_paladin_infusionoflight [Censer of Purity]: Purges the enemy in holy flames that cause x saintgneous (holy + fire) damage and applies Smoldering ashes, dealing an additional x holy fire damage over 6 sec. This damage is weak at the beginning and gradually intensifies towards the end. Smoldering ashes cannot be dispelled. 1.5 sec cast. 10 sec CD. Replaces Holy fire.

Ability_skyreach_solar_burst [Holy bolt]: Unleashes a surging pulse of divine (holy + arcane) energy towards an enemy, dealing x divine (holy + arcane) damage. If the target is affected by Holy word: Stigma, Holy bolt will critically hit. 2 sec cast, 6 sec CD.

spell_holy_healingfocus2 [Revelation]: Reveals the purpose of the enemy target, causing x holy damage target and 25% of that to all other nearby enemies. Revelation exposes the target’s weaknesses, so that it always crits and bypasses absorption and immune effects. Revelation heals the priest for 20% of the damage dealt to the primary target and increases his Crit Chance by x for 10 sec. 25 sec CD, 2 sec cast.

Item_sparkofragnoros2[Holy Word: Stigma]: Imprints a holy symbol on the target that deals x holy damage over 18 sec. Direct damage spell criticals dealt to enemies affected by Holy Word: Stigma will increase  its duration by 3 sec. Replaces Shadow word: Pain.

Spell-priest-finalprayer (2) [Holy Word: Extreme unction]: Attempts to finish off an enemy on its last breath, dealing x holy damage. Only usable on enemies at or under 20% health. Deals 50% more damage and has double the chance to be critical if the target is affected by Smoldering ashes. If the target does not die by Holy Word: Extreme unction, the priest will be healed for 20% of the damage dealt. 6 sec CD, 1.5 sec cast. Replaces Shadow Word: Death.

Divine Fury abilities:

inv_sword_133 [Angelic Lance]: Launches a powerful holy spear that pierces through the enemy and causes x divine damage. Adds x sec to the duration of Holy Word: Stigma. This abilty has 25% more chance to be critical. If Angelic lance is crit, it refunds 10 Divine Fury. 25 Divine Fury to cast. 1.5 sec cast/instant while casting Smite or Holy Bolt. Usable in movement.

Spell_paladin_lightofdawn [Wall of Light]: Unleashes three V-shaped waves of light that rapidly sweep enemies in front of the priest. Each wave deals x divine damage.  The third wave is always crit and deals 25% more damage. Returns 1  Divine Fury per each critically hit unit. 25 Divine Fury to cast. 1.5 sec cast/instant while casting Smite or Holy Bolt. (Graphically, waves look like Sha of Fear’s wall of light)

Ability_paladin_longarmofthelaw [Fist of Faith]: Obliterates the target with a powerful surge of divine power from heaven, dealing x divine damage plus x extra divine damage split evenly between other nearby enemies. If no additional targets exist, the main target will receive the entire part of the damage. If Fist of Faith is critical, the target is stunned for 3 sec, refunds 10 Divine Fury. 50 Divine Fury to cast. 1.5 sec cast/instant while casting Smite or Holy Bolt.

ability_priest_ascension [Archon]: Overwhelmed by divine energy, the priest succumbs to the Light and takes the form of a holy Archon for 20 sec. While an Archon, the priest is immune to slow and snare effects and takes 10% less damage. In addition, increases all holy damage dealt by 10% and amplifies the priest’s Haste, Crit, Mastery and Multistrike by 10%. Some abilities are empowered under Archon form:

  • [Smite]: Can be used while moving.
  • [Censer of Purity]: Becomes instant.
  • [Holy bolt]: Disorients the target for 3 sec.
  • [Revelation]: Becomes instant.

100 Divine Fury to cast. 3 min CD. Instant.

Support abilities:

spell_holy_silence [Hymn of Silence]: Silences all enemies and wards all allies of silence and interrupt effects within 40 yds for 8 sec. 8 sec channeling, 3 min CD.


spell_holy_searinglightpriest [Mastery – Searing Light] – Direct damage spells inflict an extra x% of their damage over 6 sec. Also magnifies the damage reduction, damage increase and secondary stat amplifying of Archon by x%.

Talents that modify Purification skills:

Level 45 Talents:

spell_holy_surgeoflight [Surge of Light]: periodic damage from Holy word: Stigma has a 20% chance to cause your next Angelic lance to be free and deal 25% more damage. Limit 2 charges.

Ability_priest_flashoflight [Solace and Insanity]: whenever you cast a Divine Fury spell, the damage of the Smite or Holy bolt you are already casting is increased by 100%.

Level 75 Talents:

Spell_priest_burningwill [Divine Insight]: whenever a Divine Fury spell damages an enemy, there is a 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Censer of Purity and make it instant.

Level 100 Talents:

spell_holy_lightsgrace [Clarity of Supremacy]: Removes the Divine Fury cost on Archon. Increases your maximum Divine Fury by 100 and causes your Angelic Lance, Wall of Light and Fist of Faith to reduce the cooldown of Archon by 3 sec, 1sec/enemy hit and 5 sec respectively (the CD reduction times will most likely need tweaking – they’re just illustrative examples). In addition, your critical strikes extend the duration of your active Archon by 1 sec.

Spell_paladin_inquisition [Flames of Inquisition]: Increases the damage of Censer of Purity by 20% (includes Smoldering ashes) and increases the duration of Smoldering ashes to 12 sec (this also increases its damage as its damage intensifies towards the end). In addition, whenever Smoldering ashes deal damage, there is a chance to reduce the cooldown on Revelation by 1 sec.

Priest_spell_leapoffaith_b [Golden Apparitions]: When your Holy Word: Stigma damage over time critically strikes, you create an angelic version of yourself that floats towards the target and deals x divine damage and grants you 5 Divine Fury. Whenever a Golden Apparition lands on a target, the target takes 5% more damage from you for 12 sec, stacking up to 4.


inv_glyph_minorpriest[Glyph of Lightform – Minor Glyph]: Alters your form, becoming a glowy wraith of pure light (counter of Shadowform). Suggested by @Yvaelle (MMO-Champion MOD).

inv_glyph_minorpriest[Glyph of Shadowpurge – Minor Glyph]: Gives a shadowy flavor to your Purification spells and faculties, as well as turning on your Shadowform. Suggested by @Yvaelle (MMO-Champion MOD).

inv_glyph_minorpriest[Glyph of Pillar of Light – Minor Glyph]: Fist of Faith now calls down an ethereal Pillar of Light instead of a fist.


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