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[DPS] Death Mastery Death Knight


The idea of Death Mastery came again somewhat inspired by Necromancers from Diablo II, as well as a probably future vision of Death Knights of the Ebon Blade mastering the deathly knowledge from the remnants of Icecrown Citadel. Or maybe that Death Knights have inherited the necromantic knowledge from the necromancers and liches of the Scourge.

With this idea I envision a plate clad Death Knight upon his horse raising undead and casting volleys of magical death attacks. On a beginning, this was also intended to break up Holy Paladins’ monopoly over intellect plate gear.

Descriptions for the undead minions come from


[Death Mastery]: Specialized in dark arts, these necromancers conjure deathly spells and raise powerful undead minions to take down his enemies.

Skill priority:

  1. Legion of the Fallen
  2. Raise Dead
  3. Finger of Death
  4. Noxious Nova
  5. Death Wave
  6. Spirit Coil (Single target); Corpse Explosion (AoE)

Note: This priority may vary depending on talent choices. Defile, Breath of Sindragosa and Empower Rune Weapon are not included.

Passive bonuses:

spell_shadow_misery[Bad omen]: Increases all Mastery received from all sources by 5%.

spell_holy_harmundeadaura[Power of the Grave]: Dark energy emanates from the Death Knight, granting all nearby party and raid members x Mastery.

Warlock_siphonlife[Boundless Supremacy]: Each active minion from Raise Dead increases your damage by 5%. Each active minion from Legion of the Fallen increases your damage by 1%.

achievement_zone_deadwindpass[Path of the Dead]: Permanently converts all Frost runes into Death runes. After using a rune, all damage is increased by 2%, stacking up to 10 times. This effect is cancelled if runic power is used.

spell_shadow_shadetruesight[The Dead are Restless]: Your critical hits from Corpse Explosion and Spirit Coil reduce the cooldown of Raise Dead and Legion of the Fallen by 1 sec/enemy hit, and 3 sec respectively. In addition, haste reduces the base cooldown of Raise Dead and Legion of the Fallen.

achievement_boss_devourerofsouls[Crucible of Souls]: Consuming runes unleashes souls that grant short-lasting benefits to the death knight. Consuming a Blood rune heals the caster for 5/10% of his maximum health over 6 sec. Using a Death rune boosts the necromancer’s spellpower by 5/10% for 6 sec. Consuming an Unholy rune increases haste by 10/20% for 6 sec. All of those effects can stack up to 2, but doing so will not refresh the duration of the buffs. Mastering this passive is crucial for optimizing DPS.

spell_misc_hellifrepvpcombatmorale [Necropolis]: Your Raise Dead spell now summons three different minions instead of a ghoul/geist, but for a shorter duration: Liches, Banshees and Abominations.

  • achievement_boss_amnennar_the_coldbringer[Lich]: Liches are powerful undead sorcerers. Under the death knight’s command, liches can bombard foes with volleys of shadowfrost bolts and ice tombs.
  • achievement_ladydeathwhisper[Banshee]: Banshees are dead spirits driven back to a spectral existence. Under the necromancer’s will, banshees can reduce foes’ hit chance and wail, dealing shadow damage.
  • achievement_boss_patchwerk[Abomination]: Abominations are undead ogre-looking horrors formed by pieces of other undead units. Under the master’s rule, abominations can cleave at various targets at melee range and explode when their time is over.

Active abilities:

spell_deathknight_vendetta [Death Wave]: Unleashes lethal pulses around the selected hostile unit, dealing x spellshadow damage, plus 12.5% per active damage over time effect on the target. Death wave multistrikes damage all enemies within 8 yd for 50% of its original damage. 1 BloodReplaces Blood Strike.

spell_holy_stoicism [Finger of Death]: A ghastly finger points at an enemy, dealing x shadowfrost damage. The less health the target has, the more damage it causes, up to 100%. Finger of Death instantly kills its target if he is at or under 10% health, this effect does not affect players nor bosses. Infects the enemy with Frost fever. 1 DeathReplaces Icy Touch.

inv_jewelry_ring_64[Noxious Nova]: Emits a venomous energy ring around the target that slowly grows in size until reaching 20 yd radius. Noxious Nova deals x shadowstorm damage per second to enemies standing over the ring, and leaves a 12 sec nature damage over time poison debuff on the affected enemies. Infects enemies with Blood plague. 1 Unholy. Replaces Plague Strike. (Does not break any crowd control effect nor affects enemies you’re not in combat with)

spell_deathknight_explode_ghoul[Corpse explosion]: Causes the target to explode in a burst of blood and gore, dealing x shadowstorm damage in 12 yd radius around the corpse and slowing affected enemies for 6 sec. Can also be cast on your minions. Instant. 30 runic power. (It’s back!)

achievement_boss_lordmarrowgar[Spirit Coil]: Sends a barrage of deathly spirits that haunt and torment the target, dealing x shadow damage instantly and x damage over 6 sec. Spirit Coil’s damage increases by 10% per stack of Crucible of Souls: Blood, Death or Unholy. If an enemy dies while the periodic damage is up, it will jump to another enemy with refreshed and doubled duration. 1.5 sec cast. 30 runic power. Replaces Death coil.

spell_shadow_animatedead[Raise Dead]: Raises a Lich, Banshee or Abomination to fight by your side. There is no limit of risen minions active. Summons last 40 sec active. 1 min CD.

ability_hunter_rapidkilling [Legion of the Fallen]: The necromancer’s deep knowledge of death ables him to summon a full army of controlled undead, instead of a bunch of mindless ghouls. This army is 40% more powerful, will be active for 20 sec and will attack the Death Knight’s target. 5 min CD.


inv_shield_74[Mastery – Death’s Grasp]: Increases all damage caused by you and your minions by x%, depending on the amount of health the target has left. The less health the more damage.


spell_deathknight_deathpresence [Death Presence]: Envelops the death knight in a malefic aura, increasing all shadow damage dealt by x% and the damage of all minions by 15%.


spell_shadow_coneofsilence [Rune of Fateful Echoes]: Your successful spell strikes have a chance of increasing your Multistrike and Multistrike damage by 10% for 6 sec.


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