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[Tank] Tenacity Shaman


This idea started after reading and hearing stories of veteran shamans tanking or offtanking back in early World of Warcraft, and also sweeping the battlefield with two handed weapons. Charmed by that vision, I made up a tank specialization for shamans wielding two-handed weapons.


[Tenacity] Adamant elemental fighter attuned to the earthen forces, using them as protection for himself and his allies.

Skill priority:

  1. Ion Ward (AoE) / Magnetic Pillar (Direct damage)
  2. Binding Blow
  3. Rockslide
  4. Earthen Spike
  5. Primal Strike

Note: This priority may vary depending on talent choices. Totems are not included.

Passive bonuses:

Ability_hunter_onewithnature [One with the Earth]: While wielding a two handed weapon, all damage taken is reduced by 25%, the chance of taking a critical hit reduced by 8% and abilities generate 500% more threat.

spell_nature_dryaddispelmagic [Toughness]: Increases your stamina by x%, reduces the chance to be critically hit by 8% and reduces all damage taken by x%.

ability_warrior_victoryrush [Stand My Ground]: If stationary for 6 sec, all healing received is increased by 15% for 6 sec and you will regenerate 1% of your max hp every second (not increased by Resolve).

achievement_dungeon_ulduarraid_misc_02 [Magnetic Shield]: Critical strikes charge the shaman with magnetic energy. 50% of critical hit damage is stored as a Magnetic Shield (similar to Frost Mages’ Icicles). 10% of stored magnetic energy is released whenever you are hit for passive mitigation. Ion Ward and Magnetic Pillar consume magnetic energy for active mitigation.

spell_nature_earthbindtotem [Earthbound]: You gain 5% more critical hit chance from all sources.

inv_sword_30 [Riposte]: You gain Parry equal to 100% of your Critical Strike from gear.

spell_shadow_charm [Resolve]: Increases your healing and absorption done to yourself, based on Stamina and damage taken (before avoidance and mitigation) in the last 10 sec.

Active abilities:

inv_mace_1h_bwdraid_d_01 [Binding Blow]: Strikes an enemy with a terrible earthbound strike that deals x% weapon damage plus x Nature damage. Also causes the target to feel pulled towards you for the next 3 sec; this effect works with players, but doesn’t with major creatures or bosses. If the target was already immobilized or snared by any of your slowing effects, Binding Blow will critically hit. 10 yd range. 6 sec CD.

Ability_deathwing_assualtaspects [Challenge]: Challenges the enemy target to attack you. 8 sec CD. Taunt.

Ability_Earthen_Pillar [Earthen Spike]: Creates an earthen spike under the current target that deals x nature damage to all enemies over the location and heaves them upwards a short distance, slowing them by 50% for 4 sec. 8 sec CD.

Spell_shaman_primalstrike1 [Primal Strike]: An instant weapon strike that causes x additional damage. Filler.

spell_nature_earthshock [Earth Shock]: Instantly shocks the target with concussive force, causing x nature damage and applying the Weakened Blows effect. 6 sec CD.

spell_shaman_earthquake [Rockslide]: Shakes the ground around you with powerful elemental force, instantly causing x Nature damage to all nearby enemies. Binding Blow, Earthen Spike, Earth Shock and their multistrikes have a 10% chance to grant 1 charge of Rockslide, up to 2 charges. Rockslide is a reactive ability and can only be used when charges are available.

Active mitigation:

achievement_dungeon_ulduarraid_misc_03 [Magnetic Pillar]: A huge magnetic barrier surges from the ground and surrounds the shaman, granting temporal protection to him and any active totems for 5 sec. It absorbs x damage depending on the Magnetic Shield storage (increased by Resolve). After receiving all the damage or expiring, the pillar collapses and deals x damage to nearby enemies based on the damage it had absorbed. Costs x Magnetic Charge. 6 sec CD.

Ability_shawaterelemental_reform[Ion Ward]: Attracts and reflects all ranged direct attacks towards the shaman for 2 sec. Ion Ward redirects other nearby ranged attacks directed at close allies. In addition, Ion Ward reduces area damage by 70% while it lasts. Costs x Magnetic Charge. 6 sec CD.

Support abilities:

achievement_guildperk_havegroup willtravel [Telluric Channel]: Creates an elemental channel underground between yourself and an ally target, swapping your positions. The damage taken of both is reduced by 20% for 3 sec, and your movement speed increased by 60% for 3 sec. 1 min CD.

spell_holy_power [Steelskin]: The shaman’s body toughens up to become hard as steel thanks to earthen energies, reducing all damage taken by x%. However, movement speed is reduced by 50%. 1.5 min CD.


spell_fire_elementaldevastation [Ascendance – Earth]: Under the form of an Earthen Ascendant, all damage taken is reduced by x% and max health is increased by x%. The damage taken under this form will be received over the next 10 sec as damage over time. In addition, the amount of critical damage stored as Magnetic Shield increases to 100%. Lasts 15 sec, 3 min CD.


achievement_boss_tribunalofages [Mastery – Resolve of the Earthborn]: The affinity to earthen elemental energy strengthens your body, hardening it permanently, reducing all damage you take by x% for 3 sec after you use Binding Blow, Earthen Spike and Rockslide. Also increases your attack power by x%.


inv_glyph_minorshaman[Glyph of Gem Shards – Minor Glyph]: Alters your Ion Ward and Magnetic Pillar. Instead of magnetic spheres, you are now surrounded by precious gems of random colors.

inv_glyph_minorshaman[Glyph of the Diamond Curse – Minor Glyph]: Steelskin now transforms you into a diamondized version of yourself. Just like Magni Bronzebeard!


2 responses

  1. aLe

    ive been waiting a shaman tank spec a long time, shame it wont happen it’d be so damn cool :/

    August 9, 2013 at 10:01 pm

  2. Totally agree. Plus shamans miss the earth element 😦

    August 10, 2013 at 12:07 am

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