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[DPS] Spellbow – Nexus Hunter

Spellbow hunter


Tonight we’ll talk about a rather unknown variant of hunters. This spec is mostly based on the Spellbow units from the Sunreavers and the Silver Covenant found on the Purge of Dalaran event, but also on the nexus hunters found anywhere near the Nexus in Northrend. These would use intellect mail and would help breaking elemental and restoration shamans’ monopoly on it. Also, this would offer a much more different approach on nowadays “hunting”, including mechanical pets such as golems or arcane reavers, but mana wyrms are also a great choice!

achievement_dungeon_nexus70_normal[Nexus] Skilled marksman that makes use of ley magic and enchanted shots to obliterate their enemies.

Spec skill:

inv_weapon_shortblade_84 [Enchanted shot]: powerful magic shot that inflicts x arcane damage. Can use up to 30% mana to deal extra damage. Using Enchanted shot while Imbue is active will empower this skill to a lethal arcane ray, dealing x% more damage and piercing the enemy, hitting further units behind. This spell has a chance to duplicate. 20 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

achievement_dungeon_nexusraid_normal [Wild magic]: permits the hunter use mana as a secondary resource. Increases max intellect by 10%. Pets’ damage now benefits from spellpower. Increases the damage of Arcane shot and Enchanted shot by 15%. In addition, makes the hunter able to tame and control mechanic pets. Also, increases the party and raid members’ mastery, spellpower by 10% and melee/ranged haste by 10%.

ability_mage_shattershield [Arcane defenses]: using Disengage will leave a trail of ice behind, slowing enemy units. Using Deterrence will invoke a small cyclone around, dealing x arcane damage; when Deterrence expires, the cyclone will repel nearby enemies a small distance. Feign death creates a copy on the floor, the hunter is then teleported somewhere nearby and become stealthed and trigger Camouflage if it is not in CD.

inv_weapon_bow_44 [Ley-Line Attunement]: autoshots grant 1% base mana and the damage over time from Comet tail has a chance of resetting the cooldown on Enchanted shot, halve its mana cost and make it grant a 10 sec buff on the highest secondary stat. Arcane shot hits reduce the cooldown of Imbue by 2 sec. In addition, each full channeling of Arcane bombardment completed grants 25% mana base. However, all passive mana regeneration is removed.

spell_arcane_arcane01 [Spellbow]: converts all agility obtained from ranged weapons to intellect and adds x spellpower depending on its item level.

spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Pulse]: offensive attacks have a chance of triggering a Pulse that slowly travels towards the target and deals x arcane damage after 2 sec. If the hunter uses an ability while the Pulse is on its way, that shot will critically hit and cause the target a Temporal Concussion, receiving 20% extra damage from the hunter for 3 sec. Only one shot can benefit from a single Pulse.

Active abilities:

inv_ingot_titansteel_blue [Imbue]: enchants your ranged weapon with arcane magic, empowering Enchanted shot, Arcane bombardment and Volley. Has 2 charges. 45 sec CD.

inv_weapon_crossbow_30 [Arcane bombardment]: channels a barrage of magic arrows that deal x% weapon damage as arcane damage every 0.5 sec for 3 sec. The chance of Pulse to trigger is increased by 10% while channeling. This ability can consume extra mana to deal more damage. Using Arcane bombardment while Imbue is active will make Arcane bombardment unleash a full arcane mortar, increasing its damage by x% and the chance of Pulse to proc an extra x%. 50 focus plus 15 focus per sec. 15 sec CD.

spell_frost_ice shards [Volley]: summons a rain of magic arrows in the target area that deal x% weapon damage as arcane damage for 3 sec. Using Volley while Imbue is active will turn it into a rain of arcane shards, increasing the damage enemies receive from the hunter by 10%, slowing them and applying Stella shot. 40 focus.

inv_weapon_bow_45 [Comet tail]: inflicts x magic damage instantly and x extra magic damage over 15 sec. Periodic damage returns 2% base mana. Replaces Serpent’s sting. 10 focus.

inv_sword_66 [Ley-shot]: deals 100% weapon damage plus x arcane damage and increases Comet tail duration on the target by 6 sec. Generates 9 focus and 3% base mana. 2 sec cast.


achievement_dungeon_nexus70_normal [Mastery – Nexus]: boosts the increased damage per mana consumed by Arcane bombardment and Volley by x% and the base mana granted by Comet tail and Ley-shot by x%.


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