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[DPS] Templar – Judgment Paladin

Templar paladin


Following the same line I did with the priest, we’ll have our hands into the paladin version. Yes, this time is a shockadin (yay). Well, not really, but will keep on exorcisms. In spite of their short “existence” (some claim they were a mere exploit) during TBC and pre-MoP, they were very popular. And even after they were “fixed”, people kept arguing whether shockadins should actually be a playable spec. There is no reason though to directly say no to shockadins. Going back to lore, the same thing can be applied. Templar paladins were also members of this elite group I mentioned in the purifier priest post. With some notable differences in content. Whereas paladins rely more on weaponry, priests are more abstract and mystic. So expect holy weapons and cool stuff for this one. I hope you like it as much as I do.

ability_paladin_judgementofthepure[Judgment]: paladin who makes use of divine powers to execute justice on enemies.

Spec skill:

achievement_bg_trueavshutout [Justice]: consumes all charges of Holy Power to summon a holy weapon from heavens that brutally impacts on the target, dealing x holy damage and triggering Pact of the Three Virtues, or refreshing its duration if it was already activated. If the target is affected by the damage over time effect of Exorcism, Justice will critically hit. Damage increased by 10% per holy power used, but will not consume more than 3. The appearance of this skill will change depending on what weapon type the paladin is wielding. 20 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

spell_holy_pureofheart [Conversion]: the damage from Seals is increased by x% and Seals can now be triggered by spell abilities. Furthermore, increases the range of Judgment and Hammer of Wrath to 40 yd. All spirit from gear is converted to hit.

achievement_bg_killxenemies_generalsroom [Battle Intensity]: increases the damage of Judgment by x% and now grants 1 holy power, 2 if it is critical. In addition, Judgment energizes the paladin with x% of base mana and 3% haste for 20 sec, stacks three times up to 10%. Haste effects reduce the cooldown of Judgment.

ability_paladin_blessedhands [Pursuit and Vengeance]: increases all holy damage by x%, the damage of Exorcism an extra x%, and makes it inflict 20% of its damage over 3 sec. While Hand of Freedom is active, spells can be cast in movement. Furthermore, Exorcism critical hits reduce the CD of Justice by 1 sec and have a small chance of granting 1 holy power. Justice critical hits have a chance of making the next Exorcism deal 20% its total damage to nearby targets. Increases Hammer of Wrath critical hit chance by x% and has a chance of making the next Exorcism be free, instant, critical and not trigger a GCD.

spell_holy_redemption [Beyond the Call of Duty]: every holy power charge consumed lightly heals the paladin and up to 3 nearby allies for x hp; Word of Glory does not trigger this effect. Also, increases all damage dealt by 1% per charge, up to 10% for 15 sec; if the paladin dies under this effect, it passes to a nearby ally whose role is not healer or tank and will cause Forbearance on him.

Active abilities:

spell_holy_righteousfury [Judgment]: a magic attack that unleashes the energy of a Seal to cause x holy damage. Energizes the paladin with x% of base mana and 3% haste for 20 sec, stacks three times up to 10%. Grants 1 holy power. 6 sec CD.

spell_holy_excorcism_02 [Exorcism]: forcefully attempt to expel the evil from the target with a blast of Holy Light. Causes x holy damage and 30% extra of the damage dealt over 3 sec. 1.5 sec cast.

ability_thunderclap [Hammer of Wrath]: hurls a magical hammer that strikes an enemy for x holy damage. Can only be used if the target is at or below 20% of his health, or during Avenging Wrath.

ability_paladin_judgementofthepure [Sacred Armada]: consumes 1 holy power to invoke a holy weapon that swirls outwards in a spiral around the target for 6 sec, dealing x holy damage to all enemies within its path. The main target isn’t damaged. When the holy weapon inflicts damage, there is a chance of summoning another weapon around the new target; if all nearby enemies are affected by Sacred Armada, the duration will be refreshed instead. This skill is out of the GCD.

spell_holy_sealofblood [Sealed Fate]: boosts the effect of your active Seal by x% for 10 sec. During this effect, Justice and Exorcism will trigger the Seal effect too. 1 min CD.

spell_holy_holyprotection [Pact of the Three Virtues]: stamps the ground in the target location with calligraphic symbols of the Three Virtues of the Light, dealing holy damage to enemies that stand on them and snaring them by x% for 10 sec. The damage increases over time as the duration fades. 30 sec CD. Replaces Consecration.


spell_holy_holyguidance [Mastery – Vindication]: x% of all damage and healing received is stored to increase the damage of the next Justice or Hammer of Wrath. Vindication stores up to x healing and damage taken. If no damage or healing is received after 15 sec, Vindication will also store the whole damage over time effect of Exorcism until the paladin receives healing or damage.


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