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[DPS] Nethermancer – Void Warlock

Nethermancer warlock


After repeating and repeating and repeating it over again, Blizzard decided not to make a tank spec for warlocks. However, that’s not the only choice we have. Nethermancy is almost forgotten, with the exception of the voidwalker and void lord. So there it is, nethermancy is what we’ll focus on now.

Regarding lore, all we know of the nethermancers is that both ethereals and Kael’thas affiliated blood elves use dark void energies, but not its origins. The rest is speculation.

inv_enchant_voidsphere[Void] Caster immersed in the unstable and esoteric void magic, able to alter time and space and obliterate enemies with deadly chaotic nether spells.

Spec skill:

inv_elemental_primal_shadow [Implosion]: causes an energy implosion within the target, trying to consume him in the void, snaring for 3 sec and dramatically speeding up Abduction tics. When Implosion countdown is over, the target receives x severe irresistible spellshadow damage. If the target dies by Implosion, the void cost is returned. This spell is outside global cooldown. Requires 1 Void to use. 15 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

spell_shadow_twistedfaith [Vacuity]: lets the warlock use Void as a secondary resource. Void is used to cast a number of skills and is generated slowly over time. The time to generate 1 void is reduced by haste. Visually, the warlock will appear with 2 Voidlamps and a Nether crown on the back.

 spell_nature_groundingtotem [Time distorter]: all slow effects on a target affected by Abduction will cause the warlock to gain haste equal to the total percentage of slow. If a target is immune to snare, the warlock will still get the bonus. Furthermore, drains energy directly from the twisting nether, mana passively regenerates x% faster and spell haste greatly (dramatically) increases mana regeneration.

spell_arcane_prismaticcloak[Irradiation]: whenever the warlock is struck for 10% or more of his total health, a charge of Irradiation is gained, Irradiation makes the caster have a chance of unleashing a Void bolt to the attacker, the chance is increased the more charges there are, up to 5. In addition, if the warlock has less than 25% health and Irradiation is active, all damage taken is reduced by 5% per charge for 10 sec. This effect has 1 min cooldown. Triggered Void bolts cannot occur more than once every 3 sec.

achievement_zone_netherstorm_01 [Nether echoes]: after being silenced or disarmed, the attacker is affected 2 sec by the same disarm or silence effect. Upon death, the warlock remains alive for 10 sec, fading over time in the Void. During those 10 sec, the warlock is unable to move, but can cast spells with no cost and reduced cast time. Also, all nearby enemies are trapped in a gravity nether vortex, pulling them inwards to the warlock every 2 sec. In this state the warlock is immune and can consume Void, but will not generate it. On death, all gravity within the vortex will explode and will push all enemies trapped inside 20 yds away.

ability_mage_potentspirit [Esotericism]: increases all damage dealt by 15% and damage caused by Void skills by 30%. In addition, increases the critical hit chance of all party and raid members by 5%.

Active abilities:

spell_fire_twilightpyroblast [Void bolt]: launches a nether energy bolt that deals x spellshadow damage instantly and x spellshadow damage over 3 sec and increases Distortion duration by 6 sec. 2.5 sec base cast. Replaces Shadow bolt.

ability_creature_disease_05 [Distortion]: alters the gravity point of the target, inflicting x spellshadow damage over 15 sec and snaring for 20%. Recasting Distortion on a target that’s already under this effect, the snare effect will increase an extra 10/20/30% for the next 6 sec. Haste increases Distortion ticking. Replaces Corruption.

spell_shadow_shadesofdarkness [Abduct]: attempts to warp the enemy to the Twisting Nether, dealing x spellshadow damage over 1 min. Haste greatly speeds up Abduct’s ticking. In addition, permits the warlock benefit from Time Distorter passive effect. Replaces Doom.

spell_shadow_mindtwisting [Gravity]: strikes the target enemy with gravity, dealing x spellshadow damage every 1 sec for 12 sec. In addition, all nearby enemies will be snared and suffer x spellshadow damage depending on how far they are from the target. 15 yd – 1 sec, 1 yd – 12 sec. If Gravity is dispelled, the next Implosion will cost no void. 1.5 sec cast.

spell_arcane_arcanetorrent [Negaton Beam]: consumes Void to unleash a beam of nether magic that pierces through the target and deals x spellshadow damage to all enemies within its range every 0.5 sec for 3 sec. Damage caused has a small chance of returning the Void consumed. Negaton Beam can be cast while casting other non-void spells and is outside global cooldown. 1 Void to use.

ability_druid_typhoon [Dark Vortex]: turns the target unit into a living vortex after 2 sec, dealing x spellshadow damage to all nearby enemies, snaring them 30% and reducing the damage they deal by 10% for 6 sec. In addition, all targets trapped within the vortex are pulled to the target. This spell is out of the global cooldown. 1 Void to use.

Support abilities:

spell_holy_prayerofshadowprotection [Alter Space]: alters space of the target area, warping and teleporting all enemies to a random location 40 yds away. Their speed is reduced by 60% for 6 sec after they are teleported. 1.5 min CD.

spell_shadow_shadowpower [Feedback]: consumes all Irradiation charges in order to heal 5% of the maximum healthpoints per charge. Using Feedback prevents Irradiation from triggering for 30 sec. 2 min CD.

Dark soul:

spell_warlock_demonsoul [Dark Soul: Vacuity]: infuses your soul with twisting nether void. Increases critical hit damage bonus to 200% for 20 sec.


inv_enchant_essencearcanelarge [Mastery – Graviton]: increases the critical hit damage bonus of Distortion, Implosion and Abduction by x%.


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