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[DPS] Bloodmage – Blood Mage

Blood mage


This time we’ll focus on the idea of a Blood Mage (so you can finally say: ‘bloody mages!’). Those are not to be confused with Blood elf Blood Mages as I did when looking for references Q_Q

I took inspiration from those two NPCs in Blasted Lands that many of you may know or be familiar with, but also from those Blood Mages from the Deadmines. By the way, those shouldn’t be confused with Warlocks just for dealing with blood, Warlocks appealed to demonic and fel magic for the sake of power.

Said everything, let’s go.

Contrary to popular belief, bloodmages do NOT drink blood. We eat normal food like everybody else.” – Bloodmage Drazial

Trust me… whatever happened to Loramus, we can fix. The limits of blood magic are still undefined.” – Bloodmage Lynnore

Blood magic is shunned by many as a dark and forgotten art. In that and many other ways, it shares some distinct characteristics with demonic magic. Here, in the demon-scourged remains of the Black Morass, we believe that our blood studies will flourish.” – Bloodmage Lynnore

The Alliance blood mage version of those NPCs is a Gnome called Kasim Sharim.

They’ve been studying blood magic since Vanilla, it is time we know the results, isn’t it?

spell_deathknight_bloodboil[Blood] Mage immersed in the unknown blood magic, capable of playing with vital forces and foes’ blood, or even his.

Spec skill:

ability_warrior_bloodnova [Coagulate]: artificially forces the coagulation of all bleed effects on the target, consuming them, dealing x damage and creating a bloodbomb that explodes after 3 sec, dealing x damage to all nearby enemies. The damage dealt is increased by 33% per bleed effect active when used, up to 100%. Needs at least 1 bleed effect to be cast and consumes half the blood of your Blood Orb to inflict extra damage.

Passive bonuses:

inv_jewelcrafting_dragonseye05 [Blood Orb]: your bleed effects on enemies fill up a Blood Orb, which can be used as an additional resource to mana. Blood empowers the effects of your blood spells and is quickly lost over time.

achievement_zone_bloodmystisle_01 [And the Rivers will Run Red]: the periodic damage of your bleed effects have a chance of enveloping the mage in a Blood Frenzy, increasing his max health by x%, damage dealt by x% and haste by x%.

inv_bijou_red [Bloodstained Vitality]: increases max health by x% and damage taken by x%. Damage taken generates blood in the Blood Orb. Passive health regeneration is increased based on the amount of blood stored in the Blood Orb. Moreover, increases all party or raid’s stamina by 10%.

ability_mage_incantersabsorbtion [Innervate]: increases blood spells’ damage by x% and sets the critical damage bonus to 100%. However, your bleed damage over time effects don’t benefit from haste.

Active abilities:

spell_shadow_lifedrain [Bloodbolt]: launches a bolt of vital energy that deals x instant damage and x bleed damage over 6 sec. Consumes 1/5 of the Blood Orb’s max blood to deal extra damage.

Ability_rogue_sanguinaryvein [Bloodstream]: makes foe’s blood stream freely out of its body, dealing x damage over 20 sec. Its damage is more intense in the beginning and weakens towards its end.

spell_shadow_improvedvampiricembrace [Crimson Spring]: causes a bleed effect on the target that deals x damage to him and all nearby enemies for 10 sec. If Coagulate consumes this effect, Bloodbomb’s damage will spread Bloodstream.

ability_hunter_mastertactitian [Vital Wave]: consumes all Blood Orb’s blood to unleash a powerful wave of bloody energy towards the target. Deals x damage, refreshes all bleed effects on the target and increases all bleed damage caused on that target for 30 sec.

ability_creature_cursed_04 [Bloodstorm]: consumes all current Blood Orb’s blood to conjure a Bloodstorm in the target location. The damage is based on the blood consumed.

inv_potion_167 [Blood Pylon]: conjures a blood crystal in the target location that drains blood for the Blood Orb. It deals x damage to all enemies within 10 yd. Its damage generates blood in the Blood Orb. Lasts 25 sec. 45 sec CD.

Support abilities:

 spell_nature_shamanrage [Ragezone]: creates a field of frenetic energy in the target location. Units in the Ragezone will deal and receive 25% more damage. Lasts for 10 sec. 3 min CD.

ability_rogue_bloodyeye [Plasma]: consumes all current Blood Orb’s blood to create a selfhealing over time spell based on the blood consumed. 1.5 min CD.

achievement_bg_kill_carrier_opposing_flagroom [Recomposition]: consumes all blood in the Blood Orb and half your max health to revive an ally’s dead corpse. 10 min CD.


ability_mage_hotstreak [Mastery – Blood Rites]: increases the damage bonus for consumed blood of blood consuming spells by x%.


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