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[DPS] Thrower – Weapon Throw Warrior

Thrower warrior


In this edition, we’re going to see another not so well known side of the warriors that could turn up into a “different” 4th spec. It is fairly common, though, to see this kind of warriors both in the Horde and the Alliance. Many trolls and dwarves specialize in throwing weapons, this is the case of most Wildhammer dwarves or Axethrower trolls. Both using weapons as ammunition.

I’d like to thank Filôscuro, who has helped greatly on its realisation.

achievement_arena_5v5_4[Throw] Warrior specialized in ranged combat, able to throw his weapons with great expertise to crush foes.

Spec skill:

ability_warrior_unrelentingassault [Guillotine]: powerful executing throw. Deals x% weapon damage with both weapons. Has a chance of making the next Execute able to use regardless of the target unit’s health, but will deal 75% of its normal damage. 20 rage, 15 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

ability_rogue_throwingspecialization [It’s Raining Axes]: autoattacks now have 40yd range. Reduces the cooldown on Shattering Throw by 4 min and increases its damage to 100% weapon damage with each weapon. You will also strike nearby enemies after using Charge, Heroic Leap or Intervene, unleashing up to 2 100% weapon damage thrown hits to enemies in your path.

achievement_arena_5v5_4 [Throw Mastery]: attack speed is increased by 10% and autoattack criticals now deal 50% more damage.

spell_nature_massteleport [Death comes from Afar]: increases rage generation when further than 20 yd from the target. Increases movement speed by 15%, this effect does not stack with other similar effects. In addition, autoattacks have a chance of reducing the cooldown of Aerial strike, Masterthrow and Bladed Whirlwind by 1 sec.

spell_nature_shamanrage [Volatile Frenzy]: critical hits enrage you, increasing attack speed by 3% and movement speed by 2.5%. While enraged, autoattacks have a chance of gaining an extra attack.

Active skills:

spell_shadow_sacrificialshield [Double slash]: thrown sweeping attack that deals x physical damage based on attack power to the target and up to 3 nearby enemies. Replaces Cleave and shares the same features. 30 rage, 1.5 sec CD.

inv_axe_66 [Heroic throw]: throw your weapon to an enemy, dealing x physical damage based on attack power. Replaces Heroic strike and shares the same features. 30 rage, 1.5 sec CD.

achievement_bg_topdps [Aerial strike]: swift thrown strike that deals 90% weapon damage with both weapons. Grants immunity to snare and slow effects for 2 sec. Aerial strike’s damage increases depending the higher the warrior’s movement speed is. 30 rage, 15 sec CD.

inv_misc_sawblade_01 [Bladed Whirlwind]: whirlwind attack that deals 6 100% dual-weapon damage thrown strikes to the target and other nearby enemies for 3 sec while the warrior channels. Successfully completing a channeling grants 10% haste for 15 sec. Autoattacking is not stopped while channeling Bladed Whirlwind. Replaces Whirlwind. 30 rage, 1 min CD.

ability_warrior_decisivestrike [Slam]: slams the opponent with a thrown attack that deals 75% weapon damage with each weapon. If the target is closer than 10 yd, Slam will deal half damage, but will push away the target 10 yd and stun him for 1 sec. 20 rage.

inv_axe_98 [Masterthrow]: expert accurate throw that deals 110% weapon damage with both hands and increases mastery by x for 10 sec. 50 rage, 2 sec cast. 30 sec CD.

achievement_arena_2v2_1 [Colossal throw]: smashes a target with a powerful thrown attack, dealing 75% weapon damage with both weapons plus x physical damage based on attack power. In addition, weakens its defenses, allowing your attacks to bypass 100% of their armor for 6 sec. Less armor is bypassed on players. 20 rage, 20 sec CD.

inv_polearm_2h_cataclysm_b_02 [Hook]: impaling strike that deals 100% weapon damage with each hand and pulls the target to the warrior, slowing him 50% for 3 sec. 15 rage, 1 min CD.

achievement_bg_kill_carrier_opposing_flagroom [Skullcrusher leap]: the warriors prepares 3 sec before leaping towards a target to execute him, dealing 50% weapon damage with both hands plus 500% extra weapon damage over the next 10 sec. The warrior cannot be selected as a target while preparing for leaping. After striking, the warrior leaps backwards to return to the place he was before the jump. If the target does not die, the cooldown will be halved. Can only be used when the target is at or below 20% health. 50 rage, 1 min CD.


ability_shaman_heroism [Mastery – Steel’s whistling]: increases the effect of Volatile Frenzy by x%.


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