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[DPS] Lorewalker Monk

Lorewalker monk


This is the last 4th spec for now (there are more). Monks need one too, everything about monks is about 4. They follow the way of the 4 August Celestials. Going the same way, this would be the one that fits Chi-Ji, the Red Crane. Why lorewalker? Since I saw our beloved Lorewalker Cho and listened to (watched and evoked) his stories in the Seat of Knowledge, I knew that that should definitely be my inspiration for monks’ 4th spec. It’s also a good spec because the followers of the way of Chi-Ji in the Peak of Serenity study, read and interpret old texts and manuscripts, just the way Cho does. I feel I have to say that I am very happy with this spec, and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Inv_inscription_deck_redcrane [Lorewalker] Wise scribe devoted to wisdom and knowledge, with skill to evoke ancient stories and make them live.

Spec skill:

Spell_Monk_DiffuseMagic_1 [Mantra]: assimilates the knowledge acquired from the current text, activating a Mantra. Mantra deals x holy nature damage to the target and grants a buff on crit/haste/mastery to the monk and up to 3 nearby allies for 6 sec. In addition, incapacitates the target for 5 sec. The damage and effect of both the damage and buff from the Mantra increases depending on the number of Sutras active. The Mantra ends the chapter of the current text and starts the next text from the Archivum 30 sec CD.

Passive skills:

Passive_monk_teachingsofmonastery [Archivum]: the lorewalker carries three different texts in order to perform his skills. The monk has to choose a text to start the combat with, after that, it can only be changed after using Mantra in the next 30 sec. When Mantra is used, the previous text read cannot be used again until Mantra has not been used with the other 2 texts.

  • inv_misc_book_17 [Antique text]: grants the lorewalker a 1.5 passive multiplier to critical chance while active. Mantra will grant a buff on critical chance when unleashed.
  • inv_scroll_11 [Lost scroll]: grants the lorewalker a 1.5 multiplier to haste. Mantra will grant a buff on haste when used.
  • inv_offhand_ulduarraid_d_02 [Dusty tome]: grants the lorewalker a 1.5 multiplier to mastery. Mantra will grant a mastery buff when used.

achievement_dungeon_ulduarraid_misc_03 [Secrets of the World]: the lorewalker is capable of deciphering mystic words within manuscripts thanks to Chi. Every Chi point used will heal the monk for 2% of his total health and mana and activates a Sutra. Every Sutra increases the damage and the effectivity of the buff triggered by Mantra, up to 25 Sutras.

spell_holy_silence [Stay a while and listen]: while the monk is channeling Reveal, all damage received is reduced by 40% and is immune to silence and interrupt effects. Allows to use Reveal while moving, but doing so slows its channeling.

achievement_guildperk_havegroup willtravel [Historical bond]: the characters evoked by the lorewalker’s lectures are immune to all kind of damage and cannot be selected as a target. The characters’ attacks cannot be dodged or parried, but can miss.

Monk_ability_transcendence [Serenity and Patience]: all spirit from gear is converted to hit chance. All crowd control effects against the lorewalker are x% less effective.

Monk_ability_cherrymanatea [Cinnamon Tea]: while in combat, the monk gets a charge of Cinnamon Tea every 15 sec spent in battle. The Cinnamon Tea increases the monk’s intellect by x for 10 sec. Can stack twice.

Active skills:

spell_shaman_blessingofeternals [Reveal]: the monk begins his investigation on the current text. Reveal grants 2 Chi every 1.5 sec. It is possible to use other instant spells during Reveal. Both the channeling and period of Chi gaining is reduced by haste. 6 sec channeling.

achievement_guildperk_everyones a hero_rank2 [Illustration]: evokes an ethereal illustration of a character appearing in the text for 10 sec. This character deals x magic damage per hit. The character is under the lorewalker’s order while he channels Reveal and shares stats with the monk in any moment. There can only be one evoked character at once. 3 Chi.

spell_arcane_arcanetactics [Enigma]: the monks finds an obstacle in his revealing duty, oblying the current Illustration to remain 5 more seconds active. Enigma makes the evoked character strike with a powerful blow that deals x magic damage to the target and x extra magic damage to all nearby enemies. Enigma can only be used 3 times before using Mantra. 2 Chi.

spell_shaman_spiritlink [Image]: narrates an incident that tormented the evoked character, making it strike. Deals x magic damage instantly to the target. Repeatedly using Image increases its damage.

Ability_rogue_imrovedrecuperate [Echo]: the lorewalker recalls the legacy of the character he is reading, making it emit a ring of ancient calligraphic letters around the Illustration, dealing x magic damage to the targets the ring touches. Repeatedly using Echo increases its damage.

Support abilities:

ability_druid_cyclone [Mysteries in the Mists]: the monk surrounds himself by warding mist for 10 sec, becoming unelectable for ranged attacks. This mist does not protect other allies. 30 sec CD.

Ability_monk_cranekick [Gale of the Red Crane]: the monk sweeps nearby enemies with wind, pushing them away and snaring them for x sec. 20 sec CD.

spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Harmony Cocoon]: envelops the monk in a shield of Chi energy that absorbs x damage and makes him immune to all crowd control effects for 6 sec. 1.5 min CD.


Spell_priest_burningwill [Mastery – Mystic Mantra]: increases all effects of Mantra by x%.

Inv_misc_questionmark [Mastery – Identify]: increases the benefits of the Sutras by x%.

achievement_boss_infinitecorruptor [Mastery – Historic Milestone]: increases all the damage caused by the evoked characters from Illustration by x%.

Interesting glyphs:

Inv_glyph_majormonkspell_nature_farsight [Major glyph – Visions of the Past]: allows the monk to see through the evoked character’s eyes in black and white. The monk will remain idle automatically channeling Reveal, freely using Trascendence to move.

Inv_glyph_minormonkspell_shadow_shadesofdarkness [Minor glyph – Cryptomancy]: alters the visual effects of all skills, turning them dark/sha touched. The characters evoked by Illustration will instead be terror creatures, such as Sha, Faceless minions, Fiends or Shadows.

Brief summary of the rotation:

Pick a text -> Reveal (all the time for Chi) -> Illustration -> Enigma 3x -> Image (1 target)/Echo (AoE) -> Illustration is over -> Mantra -> Repeat.

With this, now you have to add CD uses, Cinnamon Tea and Talents.


2 responses

  1. D4RKM4773R

    this one i would have to say NO only Cause i would Say Each Spec was a Celestial
    ( OX – Tank, Tiger-Dps, Serpant – Heals, …)
    That Leaves Cane For Range Dps !? True ?

    April 12, 2015 at 9:19 am

  2. Aza

    Yep, I’m making a Chi-Ji spec soon.

    April 17, 2015 at 1:20 pm

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