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[DPS] Artilleryman – Artillery Hunter

Artilleryman hunter


This is a spec that focuses on all those goblin artillerymen found in Azshara, the Gob Squad and many other units found in concrete war points. Someone has to explode things!

ability_vehicle_siegeenginecannon[Artillery] experienced warforged hunter, skilled with explosive material, can bomb foes with mortars and grape-shots.

Spec skill:

inv_weapon_crossbow_35 [Turret]: builds a turret next to the hunter with x% of the hunter’s health that deals x% weapon damage every 1.5 sec to the target marked with Hunter’s Mark. Haste boosts the attack speed of the Turret. There can be up to 2 Turrets active at once. Turrets last 1 min. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 45 sec.

Passive bonuses:

spell_shadow_charm [Military]: the artilleryman cannot use pets in battle. However, all damage is creased by x% and crít damage increased by 100%.

inv_weapon_bow_50 [Ballistics]: increases the damage of Turret by x%. Shots from the Turrets have a chance of granting x focus. In addition, there is a x% chance that the Turrets copy the shot the Hunter uses, but dealing x% less damage.

ability_hunter_snipertraining [Target range]: increaases all damage done when standing near a Turret by x%. The effect will not double if two turrets are nearby. The hunter gains 3% critical hit chance every for second the marked target remains idle, dealing a critical hit resets the effect.

spell_fire_selfdestruct [Fire at will!]: using Grapeshot and Immolation Shot makes the next Bombard and Mortar act as if the hunter had x more mastery, stacks up to x times. Furthermore, 10% of all focus costs is returned when damaging a target at or below 30% health.

ability_trueshot [Trueshot Aura]: Grants 10% increased melee and ranged attack power to all party and raid members within 100 yards. In addition, you gain 15% ranged haste for 9 sec after using Steady Shot twice in a row, and makes Steady shot to generate 3 more focus during the effect.

Active skills:

ability_hunter_steadyshot [Steady Shot]: a steady shot that causes 60% weapon damage plus x. Generates 14 focus. Usable while moving.

spell_nature_unleashedrage [Grapeshot]: a mortar shot that deals 100% weapon damage plus x fire damage to all enemies in 5 yd of the target. The Turret may copy this ability. 30 focus. Replaces Arcane Shot.

ability_searingarrow [Immolation Shot]: a fiery shot that causes x% weapon damage and burns the target, dealing x extra fire damage for 10 sec. This damage over time effect spreads through nearby enemies. The Turret may copy this ability. 30 focus. Replaces Multishot.

inv_weapon_rifle_36 [Mortar]: launches a barrage of missiles and rockets to the target area for 5 sec. Deals x% weapon damage plus x fire damage to all enemies in the area every 1 sec. Deals x% more damage if the targets are affected by Immolation Shot. The damage of Mortar depends on the charges it has: 33% of the normal damage if used with 1 charge, 66% normal damage with 2 and full 100% damage if used with 3 charges. The hunter needs to channel to use this skill. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 sec. 60 focus.

ability_vehicle_demolisherflamecatapult [Bombard]: throws a bomb that explodes on the target location. Inflicts x% weapon damage as fire to all enemies within the area and slows them for 3 sec. If critical, Bombard will also stun the targets affected. Bombard can only be used while moving. 5 charges, generates 1 charge every 10 sec. 20 focus.

inv_misc_enggizmos_27 [Proximity bomb]: places a mine on the ground or target location with Trap launcher. The mine explodes if someone treads nearby, dealing x fire damage, pushing away and snaring by 60% for 5 sec. Stuns instead of snaring if critical. The ground remains fiery after the explosion for 20 sec, dealing x fire damage to any enemy that steps on the trap. There can be up to 3 active mines at once. Lasts 1 min placed. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 20 sec. Replaces Traps.

Support skills:

Inv_plate_firelandsrags_j_01 [Anti-aerial Shield]: reinforces all active turrets, building up an anti-aerial shield around them, causing all hostile ranged attacks to dramatically weaken by 90% for the next 10 sec.


inv_gizmo_supersappercharge [Mastery – Demolition] – Increases all fire damage and crit damage by x%.


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