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[DPS] Lightning Mage


This idea came rather quickly after the Thunder King patch came out. Seeing the Isle of Thunder full of lightning related creatures and Lei Shen’s electromancers was a great inspiration. Since the 2 most powerful magi factions, Silvermoon and the Kirin Tor, were on the isle. It would be weird if they do not learn to shape lightning from the Mogu.

ability_vehicle_electrocharge[Lightning]: Paralyzes foes with powerful electric bolts and thundering pulses.

Skill priority:

  1. Powerjolt
  2. Short-circuit
  3. High Voltage
  4. Electrocute

Note: This priority may vary depending on talent choices. Mage Bombs, Novas, Meteor nor any other offensive talents are not included. Overcharge is not included.

Passive bonuses:

Ability_siege_engineer_magnetic_crush[Dynamo]: Everytime Electrocute deals damage charges up the Dynamo by 1% (Criticals by 2%). Critical damage is increased by 1% per 1% of charge in the Dynamo. Dealing critical hits with Powerjolt, Short-circuit and High Voltage discharges the Dynamo. Visually, the mage sparkles with more or less intensity depending of the charge.

spell_shaman_staticshock[Static Charge]: All lightning spells damage up to 2 extra nearby enemies. The percentage of damage they take depends on the charge of the Dynamo.

inv_misc_enggizmos_02[Generator]: Critical hits caused by Electrocute and their multistrikes reduce the cooldown on High Voltage, Short-circuit and Static Field by 0.5 sec. Critical hits caused by Powerjolt and High Voltage reduce the cooldown on Short-circuit and Static Field by 5 sec.

spell_nature_stormreach[Speed of Lightning]: All haste from gear is increased by 10%. Electrocute pulses now have a chance to reduce the next High Voltage cast time by 10%, this effect stacks up to 5.

spell_chargepositive[Overcharge]: Electrocute has a chance to generate a Flash charge. Overcharge stores up to 3 Flash charges. A Flash causes the next Powerjolt, Short-circuit or High Voltage spell to multistrike 5 additional times.

inv_wand_08[Lightning Rod]: Electrocute, High Voltage and Short-circuit and their multistrikes have a 10% chance of making Powerjolt instant and free to cast. The more charge the Dynamo has in that moment, the more chance there is for Lightning Rod to occur.

spell_holy_greaterblessingofsanctuary[Lightning Armor]: Mage armor that increases the mage’s haste by 7% and deals x damage every 3 sec to enemies in a 40 yd range. This effect can be critical, its damage scales with spellpower and haste reduces the period to shock enemies. The lightning does not strike enemies affected by crowd control abilities and will not occur out of combat.

Active skills:

ability_vehicle_electrocharge [Electrocute]: Quickly channels electric pulses to the target in a ray form, dealing x damage every 0.5 sec for 5 sec. 5 sec channeled.

Ability_thunderking_thunderstruck[Powerjolt]: Overwhelms the enemy target with a powerful electrical discharge, dealing x magic damage. Critical hits deal triple damage. 3.5 sec cast.

Ability_thunderking_lightningwhip[High Voltage]: Unleashes a powerful discharge to an enemy that inflicts x damage. Grants a buff on a random secondary stat mastery/crit/haste/multistrike for 6 sec. 3 sec cast. 15 sec CD.

Ability_thunderking_balllightning[Short-circuit]: Lightning flash that causes more damage the less health the enemy has, up to 100%. Short-circuit’s critical chance depends entirely of the Dynamo charge. 1.3 sec cast. 6 sec CD.

spell_deathknight_antimagiczone [Static Field]: Removes the target limit of Static Charge passive skill for 10 sec, allowing the mage to unleash devastating area of effect lightning attacks. 1 min CD.


spell_nature_lightningoverload[Mastery – Crashing Thunder] – Increases the chance of creating a Flash charge for Overcharge by x% and increases Multistrike damage by x%.


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