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[Tank] Abjurer – Abjuration Mage

Abjurer mage


Hi! The idea we’ll focus on today is actually the first I had for mages before Blood, but for some reason I just left it there for when I had more ideas. Now, though, it’s time for it to be released!

As we may already know, mages have a number of defensive spells, say Ice Barrier or Mage Ward. Those are abjuration abilities – defensive skills. The idea now is a mage who uses a full range of barriers and defensive abilities in order to protect his allies and perform as a tank. However, since they do not have any avoidance, we had to look for an alternative method for it to be viable as a tank.

Regarding lore, we can find many information about abjuration in one of the books found in Dalaran.

Knowing everything, let’s get started.

spell_holy_improvedresistanceauras[Abjuration] sorcerer specialized in the arcane school of abjuration, conjuring powerful arcane shields to protect himself and his allies.

Spec skill:

spell_arcane_portalironforge [Arcanemagnetism]: pulls all nearby enemies to the mage, dealing x arcane mage and stunning them for 1.5 sec. Restores x mana per affected unit and reduces the damage caused by the next attack the mage receives by 15%. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 sec.

Passive skills:

inv_misc_gem_pearl_14 [Plasma shield]: the mage is surrounded by a powerful mana shield that takes mana instead of health. While the shield is off, he receives x% more damage. The shield reactivates automatically when the mage’s health reaches 100% health. The shield prevents spellcasting pushback.

inv_elemental_primal_mana [Energize]: all healing received while the shield is on will restore mana instead of health. Healing is not received instantly, but over the next 6 sec. However, all passive and active mana regeneration is reduced by x%. Haste continues to boost mana regeneration.

ability_hunter_readiness [Reactive magic]: abjuration specific spells do not cost mana. Instead, they all use charges with cooldowns. All other spells’ cooldowns are increased by x%. Using an abjuration spell reduces all damage received within the next 2 sec, the amount of damage reduced depends on the spell used.

spell_arcane_arcaneresilience [Mana-plated cuirass]: stamina no longer grants health. Instead, it increases the mana pool. The plasma shield reduces all damage taken by x% and the chance of receiving a critical strike by 8%. Additionally, improves threat generation.

spell_deathknight_antimagiczone [Partial reflection]: x% of all damage received while Plasma shield is active is reflected. This damage causes no threat and cannot be resisted. Reflected damage cannot exceed x% of the mage’s maximum mana.

spell_shadow_charm [Vengeance]: everytime the Plasma shield is damaged, the mage gains 2% of the damage received as spell power for 20 sec.

Active skills:

spell_arcane_manatap [Pull]: magically forces the target to attack the mage. Does not have effect if the target is already attacking the mage. 8 sec CD.

spell_arcane_invocation [Arcane beam]: attacks an enemy with a focused beam, dealing x arcane damage. If used with more than 3 charges, it will deal x% more damage and will also attack all other enemies within the path of the beam. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 10%. 5 charges, generates 1 charge every 3 sec. 1 sec channeled. Usable while moving. Replaces Arcane missiles.

Ability_thunderking_overcharge [Force wave]: emits an arcane wave around the target, dealing x arcane damage to all enemies in its range. If used with 3 charges, deals x% more damage and doubles its area. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 15%. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 6 sec.

inv_misc_web_01 [Chain ray]: unleashes a wave of arcane energy towards an enemy that deals x arcane damage. After damaging the enemy, the beam splits in 2. Those divided rays will also split in 2, affecting a total of 7 targets (3 splits). If used with 2 charges, all rays will be critical. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 30%. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 20 seg.

spell_arcane_arcane04 [Orbit]: summons an arcane orb that orbits around the mage, dealing x arcane damage every second for 5 sec to all enemies within melee range. There can be up to 3 orbits active at once. When an orbit expires, it will return x mana depending on the damage it dealt. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 10%. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 10 sec.

Defensive/support skills:

achievement_guildperk_havegroup willtravel [Simultaneous link]: conjures an arcane link that ties the target and up to 2 additional units for 5 sec. Linked units cannot move. Instead, they will move the same way the mage goes. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 50%. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 1 min.

Ability_shaman_repulsiontotem [Mirror counter]: reflects the next magic attack received. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 20%. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 sec.

achievement_boss_algalon_01 [Astral veil]: all damage reduction effects will stack up to 100% for the next 10 sec. Astral veil does not reduce any damage taken. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 1.5 min.

spell_chargepositive [Duple]: doubles your mana pool for 15 sec. Duple does not reduce any damage taken. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 2 min.

spell_arcane_arcane01 [Fractal]: refracts all damage received for 5 sec, sharing its damage with all nearby enemies. 1.5 min CD.

spell_arcane_massdispel [Diffusion]: empowers the Plasma shield, making all hostile damage over time and area effects to blur, reducing their damage by x% for 10 sec. 1 min CD.

spell_arcane_arcanetactics [Improved mirror image]: creates 1 copy of the mage with ¼ of his maximum mana as health that taunts the enemy to attack it. Every charge used reduces the damage received in the next 2 sec by 25%. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 30 sec. Replaces Mirror image.

spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Sphere of the Planes]: expands the Plasma shield to make it 5 yd radius wide and letting allies refuge inside. All damage received by allies is redirected to the mage’s Plasma shield. The mage must channel to maintain this skill. 5 sec channel. 3 min CD.

ability_mage_netherwindpresence [Major Ray of reversal]: alters the target’s actions, making him heal instead of dealing damage, and causing that all healing he receives is converted to damage for 5 sec. The mage must channel to keep this spell. 3 min CD.


spell_arcane_arcane02 [Mastery – Smooth Flux]: reduces all charge timers for abjuration skills by x%.

inv_ingot_titansteel_blue [Mastery – Omniprotection]: reduces all damage while the Plasma shield is up by x%.

Ability_shaman_fortifyingwaters [Mastery – Reactive Ward]: increases the damage reduction effects for using abjuration spell charges by x%.


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