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Intro Sea Witch – Azshara & The Nor’dorei


Many were the Highborne drowned in the depths of the sea. Many were loyal to Azshara… but not all. Victims of a terrible disaster and an unwanted metamorphosis, a group of outcast Naga founded a small town not far from the Maelstrom. Those naga were the Nor’dorei, children of the sea.

Apart of their evil queen’s plans, the Nor’dorei tried to endure their eternal curse peacefully. Often attacked by Azshara’s legions, the Nor’dorei now dream with the day in which the prophecy comes true and Azshara falls off her golden throne forever more.


Upon creating your level 1 Sea Witch, a cinematic would appear: a night elf or blood elf narrates his/her journey on a logbook.

Day Seventy Five: I do not know if I will see Darnassus/Silvermoon again… we have lost our course. And we barely have water. Nor food…

Day Seventy Six: The magi are trying to find back the way, but it seems we are in a point of no return…

Day Eighty One: The crew is starting to die off famine and thirst. We have run out of water and our magi do not seem to be able to conjure any more…

Day Eighty Three: A storm is closing in. I can see thunder bolts crackling in the horizon.

Day Eighty Four: We’ve been hit! Our ship’s sinking! We’re… lost. May Elune/the Sun protect us…

When you get control of your character, you appear on the sea floor. Drown, two violent naga scouts decide to shackle you and keep you alive. You’re dragged to Zin’nor (Glory of the Sea). There, the scouts pull you to a nacre palace, richly decorated with beautiful naga art. Finally, you are presented to their leader, Raj’razak, and his two viziers, Lady Nor’een and Lord Nor’jakir.

Raj’razak orders your execution as scum from the surface we are. However, Lady Nor’een and Lord Nor’jakir ask for your indult. In that moment, both consorts explain detailedly a prophecy in which descendants of the elven race prior the First Cataclysm, would bring the Nor’dorei to Nazjatar and depose the naga of the tyranny of Azshara forever.

You are freed, but under strict vigilance from Nor’een and Nor’jakir. The Lady will show interest if you are a Kaldorei, and the Lord for the Sin’dorei. Both advisors explain yourself their reasons to believe in the prophecy and decide to introduce you the naga most secret war tactics: the path of the Sea Witch. Out of curiosity, both mention the fact that most Sea Witches are female, but there are also few males that mastered the art.

The first step is, obviously, adapting to the underwater and sea environment with the help of a spell. There is no choice: obey or die. To do so, you are sent to recover a series of ingredients throughout Zin’nor for your tutor. Those reagents will help in your attuning process, which will alter lightly your character’s appearance. For example, a small pair of flippers to help swimming, or bright red eyes.

With your new appearance, you are taught some basic skills and driven to the surroundings of Zin’nor, where you behold ruins of the Kaldorei empire. You are told the situation between the Nor’dorei and Azshara.

With your instruction, you fight enemies of the Nor’dorei, such as the Kvaldir, Faceless near to The Rift and vassals of the Queen. You discover the plans of Azshara: getting the Trident of the Tidehunter, and then, a group of Nor’dorei and you plan looking for help on the surface. Together, Lady Nor’een (if Night elf) or Lord Nor’jakir (if Blood elf), decide to have an audience with Tyrande/Lor’themar Theron, explaining the events.

In the case of the Night elves, you are accepted, but not well seen at all. The Alliance needs allies desperatedly. You are sent to an isle on the roots of Teldrassil. For Blood elves, both Rommath and Lor’themar show great interest for their warfare. Nor’jakir will be by the fountain of the Court of the Sun.

Upon getting level 20, you are sent back to Zin’nor, where you inform Lord Raj’razak of what has happened up to now. You are also given a new quest there, being rewarded with a bow, a mace or a staff.

After reaching level 50, you are back to Zin’nor again, which is under siege by the forces of Azshara. When you are done defending the place, you are rewarded with a mail chestpiece, a mail headpiece and the tabard of the Nor’dorei.

In addition, after each 10 levels gained, you will be able to return to Zin’nor to show your improvements to Raj’razak by defeating elite creatures. For this, you will be rewarded with a buff on gained experience, similar to Peak of Serenity for monks.


Deepcaller (DPS)

Tidehunter (DPS)

Oracle (Heal)


Baseline skills:

spell_fire_blueflamebolt [Waterbolt]: casts a water bolt towards an enemy target that deals x frost damage. 1.6 sec cast.

spell_nature_lightningoverload [Forked Lightning]: unleashes a lightning that forks in 2 upon reaching a target. Those new bolts also fork, damaging a total of 7 targets. Each fork inflicts 50% less damage. 2 sec cast.

spell_arcane_manatap [Refreshing surge]: quickly heals an ally by x. Haste reduces its mana cost. 1.5 sec cast. Base heal quick/expensive/mid.

spell_shaman_blessingoftheeternals [Vital Foam]: potent heal with revitalizing water that heals x. If critical, the overhealing is spread to damaged nearby allies. 2.5 sec cast. Base heal slow/expensive/powerful.

inv_misc_gem_pearl_02 [Pearlbinding]: deals x arcane damage over 3 sec. If this spell completes successfully, the target will be encased in a pearl prison for 60 sec, 8 sec if cast on a player. Cannot be dispelled, but breaking the pearl will cancel the effect. 20 sec CD.

inv_misc_fish_59 [Manta Ray’s Grace]: allows to float in the air for 2 sec and then land at reduced speed. 2 min CD.

Baseline passives:

spell_shadow_demonbreath [Oceanic Harmonization]: allows underwater breathing and increases swimming speed by x%.


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