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[DPS] Sea Witch – Deepcaller




[Deepcaller] caster who controls the tides and sea gales, conjurer of powerful geysers, dreadful waves and waterbursts to drown foes in a sunken grave.

Spec skill:

spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Hydropulse]: cast 3 water waves that travel towards the target, dealing x froststorm damage, having each pulse a 10% chance to dazzle for 1.5 sec. Hydropulse can only be used while casting any other spell and will always be critical if used while casting Hydrolance. The total damage increasing depending on the Pressure levels. Offensive successful skills have a chance of generating a charge of Hydropulse. 3 charges.

Passive bonuses:

item_azereansphere [Pressure]: allows the deepcaller control water pressure and adds Pressure as a secondary resource. Using water abilities increase the pressure levels, but is rapidly lost over time. Some abilities are affected by the pressure, and using them will greatly reduce the meter. In addition, the cast time of Waterbolt and Forked Lightning is reduced by 0.4 sec.

spell_shadow_demonbreath [Touched and sunken]: your Waterbolt and Hydrolance skills apply the Sunken effect, reducing the target’s movement speed by 20/40/60% for 10 sec, stacking up to 3. Casting another Waterbolt or Hydrolance when a target is affected by full 3 stack Sunken, will cause Drowning, inflicting 10% of the damage caused by Waterbolt or Hydrolance over 10 sec. Dispelling Drowning will not get rid of the effect, instead, it will reduce its damage by 80%. The dispeller will be silenced and will receive 50% of Drowning damage over 3 sec.

spell_frost_manarecharge [Sunken grave]: anytime Drowning deals damage, the cooldown on Hydrolance is reduced by 1 sec. Also, Geyser critical hits will stun the affected enemies for 1 sec, this stun is not susceptible to diminishing return mechanics.

 spell_frost_icefloes [Waterspring]: Hydropulse has chance of making the next Geyser be instant and surge instantly.

ability_druid_typhoon [The perfect storm]: alters the following skills if cast on a target affected by a full Maelstrom and increases its duration by 15 sec:

  • spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Hydropulse] → inv_misc_gem_pearl_14 [Abyssal Wave]: unleashes a watery ring in the eye of the Maelstrom that slowly grows in size, dealing x froststorm damage to all enemies it touches. Shares features with Hydropulse.
  • spell_fire_blueflamebolt [Waterbolt]  spell_fire_bluerainoffire [Deluge]: instantly deals x frost damage to all enemies within the Maelstrom. Shares features with Waterbolts and causes Drowning. 3 sec CD.
  • spell_frost_frostbolt [Hydrolance] Ability_thunderking_balllightning [Kraken]: sends 3 hydrolances that resemble a sea serpent that travel for 3 sec in the Maelstrom, devouring enemies in their path, dealing x frost damage anytime they maul. Shares features with Hydrolance and cause Drowning. 15 sec CD.
  • spell_fire_blueflamebreath [Geyser] → spell_fire_bluehellfire [Shipwreck]: deals x frost samage to all enemies within the Maelstrom after 3.5 sec. Shares features with Geyser. 10 sec CD.
  • spell_shaman_tidalwaves [Wave] → spell_frost_summonwaterelemental [Tsunami]: sends a massive wave towards the Maelstrom. The tsunami travels clockwise in the Maelstrom, dealing x froststorm damage to all enemies in its path. Refreshes the duration of the Maelstrom. Shares features with Wave. 5 sec CD.
  • spell_nature_lightningoverload [Forked Lightning] → spell_nature_unrelentingstorm [Crackling Twister]: electrifies the Maelstrom, making it deal x extra nature damage over 15 sec and giving it a x% chance of stunning the enemies within for 1.5 sec. 30 sec CD.

spell_arcane_arcane02 [Water stream]: increases the spell haste by 5% and the intellect, strength and agility of all party or raid members by 5%.

Active abilities:

spell_fire_blueflamebolt [Waterbolt]: casts a water bolt towards an enemy target, dealing x frost damage and causing Sunken effect (see passive skill). 1.6 sec cast.

spell_frost_frostbolt [Hydrolance]: launches a powerful water bolt that deals x frost damage. Hydrolance’s critical hit chance increases by 33/66/100% for each stack of Sunken on the target. Its total damage increases by x% if the target is affected by Drowning. Generates Pressure. 2 sec cast. 15 sec CD.

spell_fire_blueflamebreath [Geyser]: conjures a geyser that surges below an enemy target past 3.5 sec, dealing x frost damage to all enemies within 5 yard radius. Upon surging, the geyser hurls all enemies a small distance upwards. Haste reduces the time needed to surge. Geyser cannot be cast on a target that is already affected by Geyser. 1.5 sec cast.

spell_shaman_tidalwaves [Wave]: sends a water wave towards foes that deal x froststorm damage to all enemies it encounters. Generates Pressure. 1.5 sec cast.

Achievment_boss_wellofeternity [Maelstrom]: sends a water twist that moves onward in a zig-zag path, occupying a 5 yard radius area, dealing x froststorm damage per second and slowing enemies inside by 60%. After reaching the target, the twist remains there for 10 sec. If cast twice on the same target, both cyclones merge, refreshing their duration, increasing their damage by x% and getting 10 yard radius wide. If a third twist is cast on the same target a huge Maelstrom will form, dealing x% more damage and becoming 15 yard radius wide. Anytime the full Maelstrom deals damage on any target, there is a chance of reducing its charge time by 0.5 sec. Generates Pressure. 1.5 sec cast, 3 charges; generates 1 charge every 6 sec.

spell_fire_blueflamestrike [Ocean’s grasp]: attempts to nuke the enemy with a powerful pressured water strike, dealing x froststorm damage. If the target does not die by this spell, the pressured used is refunded and will not trigger its cooldown. The total damage of Ocean’s grasp increases depending on the Pressure levels. 8 sec CD.


spell_fire_blueflamering [Mastery: Atmosphere] – Increases all bonus damage provided by the Pressure levels by x%.


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