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[DPS] Sea Witch – Tidehunter


My blood is like venom!” – Anonymous naga.

achievement_boss_sladran[Tidehunter] expert marksman from the depths that makes use of envenomed and electrified arrows to pierce enemies through, as well as a full arsenal of oceanic warfare to blow them up.

Spec skill:

inv_staff_58 [Venom shot]: shoots an envenomed arrow with powerful sea toxins that infects the enemy, dealing x% weapon damage instantly and poisons him, dealing x additional nature damage over for 10 seg. The duration and damage of the damage over time effect increases depending on the Venom consumed, lasting up to 30 sec. The total damage dealt over time cannot be higher than x% of the tidehunter’s max health. 1.5 seg cast.

Passive bonuses:

ability_creature_poison_06 [Biotoxicity]: allows the tidehunter to generate Focus instead of Mana and Venom as a secondary resource. Using Focus generates Venom. Venom is consumed to use Venom shot and Acid arrow.

inv_weapon_halberd_31 [Storm Trident]: the perforations of Coral shot have a x% chance of making the next Lightning arrow hit up to 2 additional enemies, inflicting each of them 50% of its normal damage (or 100% the main target and 50% the second if 2 targets). If no additional units exist, the arrow will instead deal 150% of its normal damage.

spell_fire_felrainoffire [Acid rain]: successful Acid arrows have a 30% chance of causing the next Venom shot be free and instant. Also, Acid arrows will cause Corrosion on the target, making him receive 3/6/9/12/15% extra damage from Acid arrow and Venom shot, stacking up to 5 and lasting as long as the damage over time effect of Venom shot lasts.

spell_shadow_twistedfaith [Alone in the Sea]: allows to use Vital Foam and Refreshing Surge instantly, consuming 80 and 60 focus and activating a 20 sec and 15 sec cooldown respectively. In addition, the tidehunter is healed by 1.5 of his total health per every 10% Venom consumed.

spell_nature_farsight [Beachcomber]: the cooldown of Starfish Chakram is reduced by 1 sec for each critical hit it deals in its path. The charge time of Explosive Seashell is reduced by 1 sec for every critical hit caused on any enemy. In addition, causes haste to reduce the cooldown of both skills.

spell_frost_summonwaterelemental [Neptulon’s Might]: increases melee and ranged haste by 10% and intellect, strength and agility of the tidehunter and any party or raid member by 5%.

Active abilities:

inv_weapon_halberd18 [Ice arrow]: shoots a frost arrow that deals x% weapon damage plus x frost damage and snares the target by 20/40/60% for 6 sec, stacks up to 3. Critical hit chance also increases the focus generated by Ice arrow. Generates 9 focus. 2 sec cast. Replaces Waterbolt.

inv_jewelry_talisman_15 [Coral shot]: shoots a coraline projectile. Inflicts x% weapon damage plus x froststorm damage. Coral shot has a chance of piercing the enemy and deal x% of the initial damage. There can be multiple perforations, but the chance of successive perforations to occur decreases by 15% and the damage dealt is reduced by x%. 6 sec CD. 35 focus.

inv_weapon_shortblade_54 [Acid arrow]: stings the enemy target with a corrosive arrow that deals x% weapon damage as nature damage. In addition, if the damage over time of Venom shot is active on the target it hits, it will deal x% of the DoT damage instantly. If critical, also poisons up to 2 nearby enemies, causing them to suffer 50% of the initial damage over 5 sec. Consumes Venom to be cast.

inv_weapon_shortblade_83 [Lightning arrow]: launches an electrified arrow that deals x% weapon damage as nature and x extra damage every 1 sec for 3 sec. Critical tics from Lightning arrow have a chance of electrocuting a nearby enemy, receiving 50% of the damage of the tic. 20 focus. Replaces Forked Lightning.

inv_throwingknife_07 [Starfish Chakram]: throws a huge starfish shaped chakram towards an enemy, slicing all other targets in its path, dealing x physical damage plus x froststorm damage instantly and x extra bleed damage every 1 sec for 6 sec. 30 sec CD.

inv_jewelry_necklace_20 [Pearl Collar]: shoots a pearl bola that wraps around the enemy target, snaring him by 50% for 2 sec. After those 2 sec, the pearls explode, dealing x% weapon damage to the primary target and 50% of that damage to all other nearby enemies. If critical, the area damage spread will be 75% instead of 50%. There can only be 1 Pearl Collar active in a target at once. 35 focus.

achievement_dungeon_ulduar77_heroic [Explosive Seashell]: throws an imbued seashell in the area selected that explodes on landing, dealing x froststorm damage and snaring all enemies for 5 sec. If it damages an enemy that is affected by both the DoT from Venom bolt and Starfish Chakram, it will spread a fraction of the DoT from Venom bolt to all enemies damaged from the explosives. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 sec. 10 focus.

ability_rogue_throwingspecialization [Limpets]: the next 3 shots will leave an explosive limpet that sticks to the target for the next 5 min. Using this skill again causes the limpets to explode, dealing x physical damage to the victim and other nearby enemies. The limpets are stackable. It is not possible to place new limpets until the other ones are detonated. 1 min CD.


achievement_boss_ladyvashj [Mastery – Medusa] – Increases the percentage of damage Acid arrow takes from the Venom shot damage over time by x% and increases the chance of Coral shot to pierce by x%.


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