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[Heal] Sea Witch – Oracle


SW Oracle

achievement_dungeon_throne of the tides[Oracle] wise knower of the restorative arts of the depths that uses water streams and oceanic froth and bubbles as refreshing agents to heal and protect his allies.

Spec skill:

achievement_profession_fishing_findfish [Swirling Froth]: envelops a friendly target in a water spiral of bubbles and renewing foam, healing him x for 12 sec. Every 3 sec afterwards, Swirling Froth heals 3 additional nearby allies by x. Swirling Froth benefits both from Riptide and Undertow and is considered a direct heal. In addition, heals cast on a target affected by Swirling froth increase furtherly the Tide meter. 15 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

spell_shaman_tidalwaves [Flow of the Tides]: oracles benefit from the tides. Adds the Tide meter beneath the mana bar. Using direct heals increases the meter, the fuller it is (Riptide), the more powerful the area of effect heals are, whereas the emptier it is (Undertow), the better direct heals are. The Tide meter balances itself in time; in other words, it will remain half-full if non active. If the meter is below 0, it will stabilize and rise automatically towards 0 and vice-versa.

spell_shadow_soulleech_2 [Hydrosynthesis]: when all 3 Pearl Effigies are active, their pulses have a x% chance of allowing 100% of your mana regeneration from Spirit to continue while in combat for 2 sec. May stack.

spell_arcane_studentofmagic [The Old Oracle and the Sea]: increases all healing done by x%. Also, grants 15% spell hit and reduces knockback while casting by 70%.

inv_misc_gem_pearl_14 [Iridescent Veil]: healing over time effects cause the target to receive x% less magic damage and reflect x% magic damage up to a max of 10% of both damage reduction and reflection while they last.

Spell_nature_sleep [Meditation]: allows 50% of your mana regeneration from Spirit to continue while in combat.

inv_spiritshard_02 [Sponge]: whenever the oracle is critically hit, he receives 15% more healing, has 7.5% more health and area of effect damage taken is reduced by 10% for 6 sec. Can stack up to 2.

inv_elemental_primal_water [Effervescence]: critical healing tics from Swirling Froth have a x% chance of reducing the cast time of Mend by 50% and double the duration of its healing over time effect.

spell_arcane_arcane02 [Water stream]: increases the spell haste by 5% and the intellect, strength and agility of all party or raid members by 5%.

Active abilities:

inv_potion_17 [Tonic]: removes 1 magic effect, 1 disease and 1 curse. 8 sec CD.

inv_weapon_shortblade_43 [Shell Bell]: tolls a shell bell that removes all dispellable negative effects of all allies within a 10 yard radius and makes them immune to any harmful effect for 3 sec. 1.5 min CD.

spell_frost_manarecharge [Mend]: slowly heal an ally by x and an extra x over 12 sec. Using Mend repeatedly empowers the healing over time effect and increases its duration by 2 sec. 2.5 sec cast. Base heal slow/cheap/weak.

spell_arcane_manatap [Refreshing surge]: quickly heals an ally by x. Haste reduces the mana cost of this spell. 1.5 sec cast. Base heal quick/expensive/mid.

spell_shaman_blessingoftheeternals [Vital Foam]: potent heal with revitalizing water that heals x. If critical, the overhealing is spread to damaged nearby allies. 2.5 sec cast. Base heal slow/expensive/powerful.

spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Ring of Water]: conjures a ring of healing water that travels rapidly to a friendly target, healing x to all allies in its path. When it reaches its destination, heals the primary target and up to 4 additional damaged allies by x. If cast on an enemy affected by Swirling Froth, the duration on Swirling Froth increases by 2 sec and forces it to trigger the 3-allies intelligent healing effect. If cast on self while Marine Breeze is active, Ring of Water will heal an additional ally and heals an extra 10% over 3 sec. 12 sec CD.

spell_nature_regeneration_02 [Marine Breeze]: evokes the purifying breeze of the sea around the oracle, healing x every x sec over 12 sec to all allies within a 10 yard radius. Casting Marine Breeze again broadens the radius to 20 yards, this can only happen if Marine Breeze is at or below half its initial duration and keeps this way for an equivalent to the duration remaining of the first Marine Breezee when used the second time before refreshing its duration. The duration of Marine Breeze is doubled if cast within the triangle of Pearl Effigies.

achievement_dungeon_throne of the tides [Pearl Effigy]: summon a pearled effigy in the target location. The effigy emits pulses of healing water every 3 sec, healing all allies within 10 yard range. There can be up to 3 effigies at once and are bound to each other with a visible link. The allies within the triangle formed by the link from the effigies receive x% more healing from the oracle. Each effigy lasts 45 sec, but upon placing the third, their duration is refreshed. The oracle is allowed to change the location of a single effigy once, but is not able to place new effigies after they have expired (or been destroyed).

item_azereansphere [Coraline Shell]: surrounds an enemy in living coral plates, absorbing x damage every 2 sec for 10 sec. Using Swirling Froth in an enemy that is affected by Coraline Shell causes the 3-allies intelligent heal effect from Swirling Froth to also apply an absorption shield equal to x% of the shell. 25 sec CD.

spell_shadow_detectlesserinvisibility [Clairvoyance]: the oracle predicts imminent damage, causing 75% of all damage taken by the party or raid to be healed in the next 4 sec. 3 min CD.


achievement_dungeon_ulduar80_normal [Mastery – Fountain] – Your healing spells have a x% chance of conjuring a fountain seashell that absorbs up to 15% of all overheal made. The seashells dose that overhealing in nearby damaged allies. There can be up to 3 seashells. Mastery rating increases the amount of overheal the seashells absorb by x%.


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