Because 3 aren't enough.

[DPS] Witch Doctor – Venomancer



[Venom] master of poison, capable of drowning his foes in rivers of lethal venom.

Spec skill:

spell_fire_felpyroblast [Venom bolt]: launches a poison bolt that deals x nature damage instantly and x extra nature damage over 2 sec. 2 sec cast. Replaces Spirit bolt.

Passive bonuses:

inv_bijou_green [Effigy of the Venomancer]: your effigy is imbued with toxic energy, increasing your critical hit chance by 5% and your spell power by 10%. In addition, the effigy now sends poison bolts everytime you deal direct damage. Those poison bolts deal 10% of the damage dealt.

spell_holy_sealofrighteousness [Venom]: mana is replaced by poison. Poison is similar to mana, but it does not regenerate passively. Instead, the witch doctor receives an amount of Poison equal to 50% of all damage over time caused by direct damage skills.

Ability_hunter_onewithnature [Biotoxin]: increases the damage of pure nature skills by x% and increases damage over time critical damage to 200%.

achievement_boss_sladran [Jungle fury]: when you deal damage over time, there is a chance to summon images of poisonous spiders, snakes and scorpions that run for the enemies and deal an amount of damage equal to 50% of the damage of the damage over time pulse that procced this passive. The images dissapear once they have struck.

spell_fire_felcano [Rivers of poison]: poison bolts cast by the effigy have a chance of making your next Toxis instant.

spell_shadow_plaguecloud [Blowpipe]: the damage of Noxious flux has a chance of empowering your next Venom bolt, making it instant, shoot 3 bolts instead of 1 for 40% damage each, and usable while casting another spell.

Active abilities:

spell_unused [Noxious flux]: envenoms your target with a poison beam, dealing x nature damage every 1 sec for 4 sec. Haste reduces the period and cooldown of Noxious flux. 4 sec channeled, 12 sec CD.

spell_deathvortex [Toxis]: launches a greater spirit venom wave towards an enemy, causing x shadowstorm damage instantly. Deals double the damage if the target is affected by a nature damage over time effect. 3.5 sec cast.

spell_fire_felrainoffire [Acid rain]: calls down acid rain on the target location, dealing x nature damage every 1 sec for 10 sec. Toxic flow deals x% more damage to enemies within Acid rain. In addition, the duration of the damage over time effect of Poison nova is doubled in enemies within Acid rain. 6 sec CD.

Spell_nature_poisonnova [Poison nova]: emits a ring of venomous energy around you that slowly grows in size up to 30 yard radius. Causes x nature damage instantle and x extra nature damage over 3 sec. 30 sec CD.

Achievment_boss_wellofeternity [Toxic flow]: channel a surge of venom that causes x nature damage to the target and all other nearby enemies and slows them for 30%. 3 sec channeled.

inv_misc_head_dragon_green [Venomous hydra]: summos a magical hydra head that spits venom bolts that deal x nature damage instantly and create a pool of venom below the enemy that causes x nature damage every sec for 20 sec.  The damage dealt by the pools stack if successive bolts land at the same location. There can be up to 3 heads active at once. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 1 min.


spell_holy_turnundead [Toxic air] – Increases the percentage of damage the effigy takes from your direct damage by x%.


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