Because 3 aren't enough.

Intro Witch Doctor – ?



This is another new class highly inspired in trolls, but especially in those fond in venom, spiritualism and medics like High Priest Venoxis (for Venomancer), Jin’do the Godbreaker (for Medium) and Witch Doctor Bom’bay/Hez’tok for (Medic).

Although there is no story for them this time (sadly), I think they would make a cool and exotic acquisition to WoW class repertoire, and hopefully make a distinction between troll priests and shamans.

So here we go.

What races could become Witch Doctors? Humans, dwarves, night elves, Pandaren, Tauren, trolls and orcs.

What armor class would they wear? Probably cloth, leather or even mail.

Baseline skills:

ability_mage_netherwindpresence [Spirit bolt]: launches a bolt of spiritual energy against an enemy, dealing x shadow damage. 2 sec cast.

Achievment_boss_wellofeternity [Toxic flow]: channel a surge of venom that causes x nature damage to the target and all other nearby enemies and slows them for 30%. 3 sec channeled.

spell_deathknight_bloodtap [Volatile blood]: boil the target’s blood, dealing x nature damage and slowing attack and cast time by 50% for 15 sec (less on players). 6 sec CD.

spell_shadow_requiem [Embrace of the dead]: spirit hands surge from the target location, snaring all enemies that tread over them by 70% for 6 sec. 20 sec CD.

ability_druid_replenish [Swift cure]: quickly heals an ally for x. 1.5 sec cast. Base heal quick/expensive/mid.

inv_offhand_zulaman_d_02 [Ointment]: removes 1 curse and 1 disease from an ally target. 8 sec CD.

spell_shadow_shadowpact [Vooodoo Doll]: turns the enemy into a voodoo doll for 20 sec. If a voodoo doll target is damaged, 40% of the damage dealt is also dealt to other enemies affected by Voodoo Doll. There can be up to 3 targets afflicted at once by Voodoo Doll. 1 min CD.

Baseline passives:

inv_offhand_zulaman_d_01 [Spirit rites]: a spiritual effigy wards and helps you. Effigies are trascendental beings, and they cannot be selected as target nor die. The physical appearance of your effigy depends on your race and specialization.


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