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[DPS] Corrupter – Ascendant


[Ascendance] takes upon the form of a powerful faceless entity that whips its foes with perplexing tentacle strikes at mid range.

Spec skill:

inv_sword_2h_grimbatolraid_d_01 [Psychic slash]: whips the target, dealing x spellshadow damage. Psychic slash deals 10% more damage per offensive ability on cooldown. In addition, increases the cooldown regeneration rate by 4% for 3 sec, stacks up to 5. Deals additional damage if used repeatedly. Psychic slash favors Morph: Neuron Linking. Grants 2% Corruption.

Passive bonuses:

sha_spell_fire_ragnaros_supernova [Faceless form]: upon entering combat, you transform into a swift faceless entity. Your arms morph into two long tentacles you can use as weapon. Movement speed is increased by 15% while transformed and all damage received is reduced by 15%. The Faceless form can be augmented temporarily using Corruption. All damage caused by autoattacks is considered magical and have 20 yd range.

Spell_shadow_mindflay [Corruption]: unlocks the Corruption meter. Corruption is the source of power of the Ascendant. Skills generate Corruption, up to a maximum of 100%. Every 1% of Corruption increases all damage done by the Ascendant by 0.5%. Furthermore, it can be used to Morph.

spell_warlock_demonsoul [Unknown entity]: under Faceless form, you are not humanoid anymore. Reduces the duration of all crowd control effects on you by 15% and fear effects by 30%. Silence and disarm effects will instead reduce all damage you cause an amount equal to 10% per sec lasting (If silence lasts 6 sec, all damage is reduced by 60%), this, however, does not stack.

spell_shadow_shadesofdarkness [Dance of Chaos]: using Psychic slash while Swirling lash is on CD has a chance to reset Psychotwist’s CD and allow it to be used 3 times without incurring its CD.

ability_druid_twilightswrath [Adaptation]: certain abilities now favor adaptations. Those adaptations slightly augment the Faceless form and can be consumed by Morph to gain a powerful buff. Any adapation can stack to 5.

  • sha_ability_rogue_sturdyrecuperate Adaptation: Energy Rush: increases Haste by 1% per stack.

  • spell_shadow_twistedfaith Adaptation: Might: increases Critical hit chance by 1% per stack.

  • spell_shadow_brainwash Adaptation: Neuron Linking: increases Mastery by 1% per stack.

achievement_boss_yoggsaron_01 [Day of the Tentacle]: your autoattacks now have a chance of making your next 5 attacks generate an extra attack. These extra attacks grant 1% Corruption each. In addition, your critical autoattacks will grant 2% extra Corruption.

Active abilities:

inv_hand_1h_grimbatolraid_d_01 [Double lash]: attack with both tentacles forward, dealing x spellshadow damage to all enemies in a straight line in front of you in 20 yd. Double lash unbalances the targets it hits, causing them to receive 20% more damage from Tentacle eruption and 10% from Swirling lash and slows them by 60% for 2 sec. Grants 5% Corruption. Double lash favors Adaptation: Might. 10 sec CD.

achievement_boss_yoggsaron_01 copia [Tentacle eruption]: burrow your tentacles to unleash an underground attack on the target for 3 sec that deals x shadowstorm damage and stuns him for 3 sec. Must remain static while using this ability. Enemies that are nearby the target are also stunned and receive 80% of the damage caused. Grants 5% Corruption anytime it causes damage. 25 sec CD.

spell_shadow_shadowmend [Swirling lash]: spins and whips all enemies within 20 yd, dealing x spellshadow damage. Grants 1% Corruption per enemy hit. 6 sec CD.

ability_rogue_shadowdance copia [Feintlash]: lands a sliding attack on the target, dealing x spellshadow damage. Feintlash causes the target to receive 10% more damage from the next Double lash, this effect stacks. Grants 5% Corruption. Feintlash favors Adaptation: Energy Rush. 3 sec CD.

spell_deathknight_strangulate [Strangling lace]: stretches a tentacle to lace an enemy and close in quickly, removing all movement impairing effects from yourself. When you reach him, he will be stunned for 1 sec. 30 sec CD. 40 yd range.

inv_offhand_stratholme_a_02 [Mutant strike]: skill that activates once the Faceless form has morphed. The attack varies depending on the Morph.

  • sha_ability_rogue_sturdyrecuperate Morph: Energy Rush → inv_knife_1h_grimbatolraid_d_02 [Omnislash]: furiously shakes the enemy target with a myriad tentacles, dealing x spellshadow damage. Grants 10% Corruption. Favors Adaptation: Energy Rush. Must channel to maintain this skill. Can be used while moving. 3 sec channeled. 6 sec CD.

  • spell_shadow_twistedfaith Morph: Might → inv_mace_1h_grimbatolraid_d_01 [Flail of Chaos]: strikes with the huge Corruption powered tentacle, dealing x spellshadow damage. Flail of Chaos is always critical. Favors Adaptation: Might. Grants 10% Corruption. 6 sec CD.

  • spell_shadow_brainwash Morph: Neuron Linking → inv_misc_ojo [Optic radiation]: emits eye beams all around you that deals x spellshadow damage split evenly between all enemies for 3 sec. Damage increases rapidly in time. It is not necessary to remain idle or channel while using this skill. Grants 10% Corruption. 6 sec CD.

sha_spell_fire_ragnaros_supernova [Morph]: consumes all stacks of Adaptation and 100% Corruption to obtain a temporal Morph for 30 sec. The type of Morph depends on the last skill used that favored an Adaptation. There can only be an active Morph at once. There are 3 different Morphs.

  • sha_ability_rogue_sturdyrecuperate Morph: Energy Rush: increases movement speed an extra 35%, attack speed by 50% and damage done by 10%. Visually, the Faceless form will have two tentacles in each arm instead of one.

  • spell_shadow_twistedfaith Morph: Might: increases critical damage by 50%, all damage received reduced by an extra 15% and increases all damage dome by 15%. Visually, the Faceless form is hulkier and a tentacle will be far bigger.

  • spell_shadow_brainwash Morph: Neuron Linking: increases all secondary stats by 5%, CD regeneration rate by 10% and all damage done by 10%. Visually, eyes sprout from the Faceless form.


Ability_paladin_selflesshealer [Corrupted avenger] – Increases all benefits from Corruption, Adaptation and Morph by x%.


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