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[DPS] Witch Doctor – Medium

August 23rd, 2011 @ 11:44:23


[Medium] master of the underworld, calls upon spiritual energy and the souls of the dead to torment his foes.

Spec skill:

spell_shadow_skull [Spectre]: sends a malefic spirit against a target, dealing x shadow damage and increasing the duration of Restless soul and Evil eye by 6 sec. 1.5 sec cast. 8 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

inv_bijou_purple [Effigy of the Hexxer]: your effigy is empowered by spirits, increasing the Witch doctor’s haste by 7% and spell power by 10%. In addition, the effigy haunts the target with spirits anytime the caster deals damage with Spectre and Spirit bolt. Those spirits deal 10% of the damage caused by those spells over 3 sec.

item_uncutmetagemb [Ectoplasm]: periodic damage caused by Evil eye and Restless soul generates Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm can be consumed to cast Anima and Soul vortex. You can charge up to 5 Ectoplasm.

achievement_dungeon_icecrown_hallsofreflection [Psychophony]: el daño en el tiempo de Alma inquieta tiene una probabilidad de hacer que la siguiente Descarga de espíritus sea instantánea, genere 1 carga de Ectoplasma y aumente la duración 6 seg. Se puede acumular hasta 2 veces.

spell_nature_regeneration_02 [Dreamcatcher]: periodic damage from Evil eye has a chance of resetting the CD of Spectre, make it heal the Witch doctor for 50% of the damage dealt and cause Restless soul and Evil eye to tic instantly. Those tics may proc Psychophony and Dreamcatcher.

spell_shadow_shadowembrace [Trance]: each charge of Ectoplasm consumed grants 10% mana and 3% max health. Also, the Witch doctor receives passively 5% less damage per charge of Ectoplasm active.

spell_shadow_shadetruesight [Paranormal activity]: critical hits from the medium do not cause double the damage. Instead, critical damage is dealt as damage over time over 12 sec as Chant of the Dead. This damage stacks with successive critical hits. In addition, critical damage bonus is now 150% up from 100%.

Active abilities:

ability_mage_netherwindpresence [Spirit bolt]: launches a bolt of spiritual energy against an enemy, dealing x shadow damage. 2 sec cast.

spell_shadow_coneofsilence [Restless soul]: envelops the target with a wandering ghost, dealing x shadow damage over 18 sec. Anytime it deals damage, there is a chance that it spreads to a nearby target without refreshed duration, this chance is greatly increased if the target is within Soul vortex. If an enemy dies affected by Restless soul, it will travel to a random nearby enemy with refreshed duration. 3 sec CD.

inv_misc_ojo [Evil eye]: curses the target with bad omens, dealing x shadowstorm damage over 14 sec. 1.2 sec cast.

Warlock_spelldrain [Anima]: sends a spirit to the enemy target that torments him for 1 sec per Ectoplasm consumed. When Anima expires, it will deal 100% (less on players) of all damage caused by the Witch doctor while Anima was active. Consumes all Ectoplasm on use.

spell_shadow_gathershadows [Soul vortex]: a group of spirits begin to crowd around the target, dealing x shadow damage for 2 sec per Ectoplasm used in a 10 yd radius. Consumes all Ectoplasm on use.

Warlock_siphonlife [Limbo]: helps the enemy to pass away. Increases by 100% all periodic damage dealt to the target over 10 sec. Can only be used if the target is at or below 20% health. If it does not die, the next Limbo increases the damage by an additional 100%, up to a maximum of 300%. 8 sec CD.

achievement_dungeon_naxxramas_heroic [Curse of skulls]: curses the target, causing ghostly skulls to spring from his head that explode around him, dealing x shadow damage each skull to all enemies in a 8 yd radius. Lasts 10 sec. 30 sec CD.maldice a un enemigo, provocando que de su cabeza manen calaveras fantasmales que exploten a su alrededor, infligiendo x daño de sombra cada una a todos los enemigos en un área de 8 metros. Dura 10 seg. 30 seg CD.

spell_shadow_felmending [Spiritual fault]: creates a Limbo zone in the target location. Deals x spellshadow damage every second and snares all enemies within by 70%. Lasts 6 sec. 20 sec CD. Replaces Embrace of the dead.


spell_holy_serendipity [Seancé] – Damage caused by the effigy now has a chance of summoning an additional effigy, up to 3. Also, increases all damage dealt by the effigies by x%.


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