Because 3 aren't enough.

Intro Corrupter – Legacy of Y’shaarj


“Hellscream doesn’t even realize what he has left behind,” murmured Rekrom Crushfire upon Garrosh’s corpse, grinning. The Heart of Y’shaarj stood before him; latent, but alive.

“I suppose you’re not having it all for yourself, are you?” a night elf entered the instance. Rekrom looked back, wondering whom was that voice. It was a tall, night elf with glowing amber eyes. By his looks he guessed he was one of the Highborne.

“I am Farelar Evenshade, of the Highborne,” he said. The orc was not very familiar with night elf mages, and he thought he wanted to claim the unchecked heart of the Old God. However, Rekrom did not say anything.

“Well, yes, I want the Heart. And you’re helping me.” Farelar seemed to attempt to intimidate Rekrom, although the orc knew he was no less powerful than he was. Rekrom stepped forward in defiance.

“The Heart is mine only,” he said, chuckling.

“You think so?” Farelar laughed, “if you really were to claim it, you would already have taken it and hidden it somewhere else. It would be a pity someone destroyed it, wouldn’t it?” The Highborne mage pushed him back with an arcane wave. “Are you sure you don’t want to cooperate?”

The warlock said nothing.

“The Heart is ours now. The power of the Old Gods lies within our grasp.” Mumbled the elf, excited.

Rekrom stood up, gasping. “Hellscream was but a pup.”

“Yes, yes, you get my point!” Farelar smiled. “He was a mere warrior, yet he became a destruction weapon thanks to the surging energy of the Heart. Can you imagine what we could achieve with it?”

The orc was mesmerized by the words of the Highborne. Both longed for power.

“The Legion will be back, Azshara will eventually emerge from the waters, and so will the Old Gods; but we will be readier than ever.”

Rekrom Crushfire and Farelar Evenshade shook their hands and disappeared with the Heart of Y’shaarj.


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