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[Heal] Witch Doctor – Medic



[Medicine] Expert in the arts of primal healing, using exotic magic and spiritual gruesome blessings to heal allies in battle.

Spec skill:

spell_shaman_spiritlink [Soul dance]: summon three dancing spirit fetishes. The fetishes dance around the friendly target, healing x health to up to 5 nearby injured allies every 2 sec. After 10 sec, each fetish will depart dancing towards the furthest damaged enemy to heal him x health. 25 Spiritual favor. 20 sec CD.

Passive bonuses:

inv_bijou_orange [Effigy of Saints]: your effigy is imbued by remedies and ointments, increasing the witch doctor’s mastery and spell power by 10%. In addition, the effigy casts Vital flow on damaged friendly units, healing them for 10% of the healing you do with direct healing spells.

ability_druid_twilightswrath [Spiritual favor]: the witch doctor’s good will cause the spirits to grant him their favor. The witch doctor can use Spiritual favor to cast certain healing spells.

Monk_ability_cherrymanatea [Balm enshrinement]: your effigy’s Vital flows have a chance of applying Blessed balm automatically in an injured ally that is not affected already by Blessed balm. This effect is applied regardless of Blessed balm’s target limit.

spell_shadow_shadowpact [Sanctified idols]: allows the witch doctor to use Voodoo doll on allies, but can no longer place them on enemies. However, Voodoo dolls now last 1.5 min active and share 25% of healing. There can still be up to 3 Voodoo dolls at once.

sha_ability_rogue_sturdyrecuperate [Veneration]: Spirit bolt is now instant and costs no mana, but has 6 sec CD and causes Veneration. Veneration reduces all mana costs by 5%, stacks up to 5 and lasts 15 sec. Upon getting 5 stacks, Veneration will heal all alies in 40 yd range an amount equal to 25% of all mana saved and grants an amount of mana equal to 50% of all mana saved with Veneration.

achievement_dungeon_the stonecore_corborus [Leeches]: causes Ointment to also dispell a magic and bleeding effect. In addition, Ointment now works with 2 charges.

ability_rogue_bloodyeye [Spiritual guide]: periodic healing from Blessed balm have a chance of adding an extra heal to the next Candlelit shrine, up to a max of 5. As well as reducing its recharge time by 0.5 sec.

Active abilities:

ability_druid_empoweredtouch [Cure]: slowly heals an ally for x. Grants favor. 2.5 sec cast. Base heal slow/cheap/weak.

ability_druid_replenish [Swift cure]: quickly heals an ally for x. Grants favor. 1.5 sec cast. Base heal quick/expensive/mid.

Ability_hunter_onewithnature [Power cure]: slow potent heal an ally for x. Grants favor. 2.5 sec cast. Base heal slow/expensive/powerful.

inv_offhand_zulaman_d_02 [Ointment]: removes 1 curse, 1 disease, 1 magic and 1 bleeding effect from the friendly target. 2 charges, generates 1 charge every 8 sec.

inv_potion_119 [Blessed balm]: mends an ally’s wounds with restorative balms, healing x every 2 sec for 16 sec. Healing is strong at first and loses potency over time. Using direct healing spells on allies affected with Blessed balm grants extra Spiritual favor. There can be up to 3 Blessed balms active at once. 8 sec CD.

Spell_priest_finalprayer [Candlelit shrine]: place candles on the target location that lure benevolent spirits that heal damaged allies in a 20 yd range. Healing is stronger the nearer the ally is from the shrine. The candles last 20 sec active. Each shrine can heal 10 times. There can be up to 3 shrines placed at once. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 sec.

spell_shadow_improvedvampiricembrace [Phlebotomy]: causes bloodletting on an ally target, healing instantly a great amount of health, but causes an hemorrhage that causes bleed effect damaging 20% of the healed amount every 2 sec for 10 sec. That bleeding effect cannot be removed with Ointment. 25 sec CD.

Warlock_spelldrain [Caress of the Underworld]: calls a spirit from the underworld to watch over the friendly target for 6 sec. When finished, the spirit will heal the unit an amount equal to all damage received while it was active. All overhealing caused will result in an absorption shield. 40 Spiritual favor. 20 sec CD.

Warlock_siphonlife [Spiritmelt]: infuses an ally with a second soul, doubling its current and max health for 10 sec. 75 favor. 1 min CD.

spell_holy_serendipity [Blazing wisps]: spirits enchant all Candlelit shrines, causing them to dance around the witch doctor for the rest of their duration remaining. 1 min CD.

spell_nature_nullward [Big Bad Voodoo]: performs a macabre tribal dance, preventing massive damage received by the party or raid every 2 sec for 8 sec. If the witch doctor receives a direct melee attack, Big Bad Voodoo is interrupted. CD is halfed if interrupted this way. 8 sec channeled, must channel to maintain this spell. 3 min CD.


Ability_rogue_imrovedrecuperate [Hierophant] – Increases the amount of healing the effigy takes from your direct healing spells by x% and allows it to also take area of effect heals. In addition, increases the amount of Spiritual favor you can save by x%.



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