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[Balance] Mini rework.



As you already know, I cannot make a new 4th spec for you since you already have one… a pity. The good news is that I’ve decided to write down a number of ideas I had to rework and/or refurbish a little the Balance spec to compensate.

Why Balance and not the others? Because it’s the least versatile for my taste, as if it were a step behind the rest, and because it’s the one I like most ūüėõ

The main changes I’ve considered convenient to change are the ways to AoE and adding some fluidity.¬†I’ve used some ideas from Cyous@Malfurion_US and his post in the US forums, but tweaked some to give my own flavor (I hope he doesn’t mind!). Also, I’ll follow somehow his pattern of what moonkins need.

I’d like to thank Alzu@Twilight’sHammer_EU for his suggestions and feedback via MMO-Champion.


In my humble opinion, a DPS’s core resource cannot be based on time (talking about the new Eclipse bar) since it gives you little to no control. For that reason, this change is totally reverted to what it is now on live servers as of 5.4.8.

Mechanical changes:

  • Mastery changed to: Fae
    • INV_FaerieDragonMount¬†[Fae]:¬†you are imbued with fey power, increasing and adding new effects to specific abilities (see tooltips for more information). Mastery rating magnifies¬†these effects.
  • [Equinox (old lvl 100 talent)]:¬†is now baseline. Equinox removes the blank space in the Eclipse bar, so that it automatically switches to the other Eclipse state when¬†the bar loses all its power. In other words, there’s no longer a non-Eclipsed state. You’ll always be either in Solar or in Lunar state.
  • [Astral Communion]:¬†is now instant, but also triggers 1 min cooldown when used¬†and¬†has two charges. This is intended to be able to swap between Solar or Lunar states quickly for DPS purposes without affecting much your throughput nor being excessively clunky feeling. A PvP set bonus could greatly reduce its recharge time, due to the very nature of PvP environment.
  • [Total Eclipse (old mastery)]:¬†has been replaced by¬†Fae.¬†Since you are now always in Eclipse state, current Mastery is redundant, as¬†it is a rewritten +% damage dealt (which can be rebalanced by tweaking the damage formulas of abilities). On the other hand, Fae enhances a good deal of your skills in interesting ways, so that your other secondary stats synergize reciprocally with Fae.
  • [Moonfire] and¬†[Sunfire]¬†are merged into a single skill. It now changes depending on your Eclipse state. I had also thought of blending [Starfire]¬†and¬†[Wrath], but it would bring many issues for PvP and probably turn¬†Balance’s rotation into a two-button smash (and nobody wants that, really).
  • [Incarnation: Chosen of Elune] has had its damage increase effect swapped with¬†[Celestial Alignment], that is a nerf from¬†25% to 15%, but Celestial Alignment is buffed from 15% to 25%. Currently, Incarnation feels like a more powerful cooldown than Celestial Alignment, and this feels wrong. A baseline cooldown should be stronger than a talent.
  • [Hurricane]¬†has been reworked and does not change automatically to [Astral Storm] in Lunar Eclipse (and I’d also like to change its icon because of reasons). [Hurricane] can still be changed to [Astral Storm] via glyph, the same way [Starfall] does into [Sunfall].
    • Item_sparkofragnoros2¬†Suggested icon for¬†[Sunfall].
    • ability_druid_galewinds¬†Suggested icon for¬†[Hurricane].

Celestial Alignment has also been reworked:

spell_nature_natureguardian[Celestial Alignment]: grants you the simultaneous damage benefit of both your Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse, increasing damage done by your Nature and Arcane spells by 25%. In addition, casting Moonfire also applies the periodic damage effect of Sunfire to your target and vice versa. No Solar or Lunar power is generated during its duration. Lasts 15 sec. 3 min CD.

  • Sets the Eclipse Bar to neutral.
  • Still applies both [Moonfire] and [Sunfire] to the target.
  • Casts¬†[Constellation] and [Sunblaze]¬†at once.
  • Empowers core abilities:
    • spell_arcane_starfire¬†[Starfire]:¬†deals 50% more Critical Damage and its Critical Strike Chance is doubled.
    • Spell_nature_wrathv2¬†[Wrath]:¬†is cast 25% faster and¬†causes Wrath to Cleave, dealing half its damage to up to 3 additional enemies that are near the target.

Said this, let’s proceed to explain those tweaks to the reworked Hurricane. Channeled AoEs are somewhat boring and old fashioned. So Hurricane is now a cast spell:

ability_druid_galewinds [Hurricane (reworked)]: conjures a hurricane that surrounds your current target that lasts for 10 sec, dealing x Nature damage every 1 sec in a 8 yd radius and slowing enemies within by x%. Fae: causes Hurricane to act as if you had x% fae extra haste. 2 sec cast. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 20 sec. Hurricane changes to [Astral Storm] if glyphed to it.

And finally, although I’ve mentioned them right above, the new pair of AoE spells that vary depending on the Eclipse explained. Constellation and Sunblaze try to fill the hole Balance has regarding solid and/or explosive AoE that in my opinion needs. The main difference is their position requirement: Constellation does its maximum¬†damage if the targets are away from each other, whereas

spell_arcane_arcane01 [Constellation (Lunar Eclipse)]: invokes astral bonds between enemies affected by Moonfire, forming a Constellation, dealing x Arcane damage every second for 3 sec. Can only be used if there are at least 3 enemies affected by Moonfire. Deals more damage the further the enemies are from each other. The astral links cause 25% of the total damage every second to all enemies through them. Fae: whenever Constellation damages an enemy, there is a x% fae chance of reducing its cooldown by 2 sec + x% of your Readiness.  Generates x Solar power. 2 sec cast. 15 sec CD. Under Solar Eclipse, transforms into Sunblaze.


Constellation idea.

inv_elemental_mote_nether [Sunblaze (Solar Eclipse)]: causes solar energy to radiate from all enemies affected by Sunfire, dealing x Nature damage every 0.5 sec for 3 sec. Can only be used if there are at least 3 enemies affected by Sunfire. Deals more damage the nearer the enemies are from each other. Whenever Sunburn deals damage, there is a 10% chance of reducing its cooldown by 2 sec. Fae: whenever Sunblaze damages an enemy, there is a x% fae chance of reducing its cooldown by 2 sec + x% of your Readiness. Generates x Lunar power. 2 sec cast. 15 sec CD. Under Lunar Eclipse, transforms into Constellation.


Sunblaze idea.

Core spells have also been tweaked a bit to suit Fae.

ability_druid_starfall [Starfall (Lunar Eclipse)]: summon a flurry of stars from the sky on all enemies within 40yd of the caster you’re in combat with, each dealing x arcane damage to all targets within a 3yd radius. Damage dealt increases progressively as the effect comes to the end. Lasts 10 sec. Maximum 20 stars. Fae: anytime a star lands a critical hit, there is a x% fae chance of shooting an additional star regardless of the max limit. Triggering Lunar Eclipse resets its cooldown. 10 sec CD, 3 charges, shares charges with Starsurge. (Starfall is supposed to be able to be converted to [Sunfall] via Glyph)

spell_arcane_starfire [Starfire (Lunar Eclipse)]: causes x Arcane damage to the target. Fae: increases the chance of Starfire to Multistrike by x% fae chance and the damage caused by its Multistrikes by x% fae. 2.7 sec cast. Generates 20 Solar power.

Spell_nature_wrathv2 [Wrath (Solar Eclipse)]: causes x Nature damage to the target. Fae: causes critical Wraths to deal 50%  + x% fae more critical damage. 2 sec cast. Generates 15 Lunar power.

spell_nature_starfall [Moonfire (Lunar Eclipse)]: burns the enemy for x Arcane damage and then x Arcane extra damage for 14 sec. Fae: critical Moonfire pulses now have a x% fae chance of causing double the damage. If the target is affected by Sunfire, Moonfire consumes the effect to deal 100% more direct damage.

ability_mage_firestarter [Sunfire (Solar Eclipse)]: burns the enemy for x Nature damage and then x Nature extra damage for 14 sec. Fae: non-critical Sunfire periodic pulses now have a x% fae extra chance of Multistrike. If the target is affected by Moonfire, Sunfire consumes the effect to deal 100% more direct damage.

Regarding level 100 talents, there are some that need changing because of the reversal of the Eclipse bar change. Those are [Euphoria] and [Stellar flare].

[Euphoria] is now intended to amplify the time you are in Eclipse state, receiving a damage bonus the more time you are under either states (even if it contradicts a bit its name), while scaling with both Multistrike and Crit Chance.

[Fey Wave]¬†is¬†a powerful ability that greatly scales with Mastery and Haste and¬†requires timing and control of the Eclipse bar to maximize its effect (in a beginning, this was going to activate Astral Communion as well, but then I thought that would bring many issues again, so that option was discarded). Plus, I love Fae¬†ūüėÄ

[Balance of Power] had to be a little bit tweaked due to the Eclipse bar reversal as well, and to be able to retain the design even if both Moonfire and Sunfire were merged. This talent scales well with Haste due to its DoT nature, but also because the quicker you change from one Eclipse state to another, the easier it will be to keep both DoTs up.

achievement_boss_valithradreamwalker [Euphoria (new, passive)]: your Wrath, Starfire, Sunblaze and Constellation have a chance equal to your Multistrike plus Critical Hit of not generating Solar or Lunar power. However, you gain 2% damage increase with those spells whenever you cast any of them. This effect stacks and resets after a new Eclipse state is reached. Replaces Euphoria.

spell_nature_abolishmagic¬†[Fey¬†Wave¬†(new, active)]: unleashes a powerful surge of¬†faerie¬†magic directly from the Emerald Dream towards your target, dealing x Spellstorm damage. Fey Blast’s damage increases the nearer you are to finish the Eclipse bar. In addition, Fey Wave grants x Mastery rating for 3 sec.¬†Fae:¬†Fey Blast’s total damage is increased by x% fae¬†and its cooldown is now reduced both by Haste and¬†x% fae.¬†12¬†sec CD. 1.5 sec cast.¬†Replaces Stellar¬†Flare.

ability_druid_balanceofpower [Balance of Power (reworked)]: you align to the power of the Moon and Stars so your direct damage spells reenergize your damage over time effects. While in Lunar Eclipse, your Starfires extend the duration of Moonfire by 6 sec. While in Solar Eclipse, your Wraths extend the duration of Sunfire by 4 sec. Also increases the damage over time of your Moonfire and Sunfire by 10%. Moonfire and Sunfire no longer overlap with each other.


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