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Intro – Tinker



Specializations (click on the icons to see the specs):

ability_vehicle_demolisherram [Demolition (Tank)]: capable of turning to dust whole buildings while transformed into a machine, the demolisher is a mechanical force born not only to besiege foes with a wide range of techno-weaponry, but also to protect his allies.

inv_misc_head_clockworkgnome_01 [Robotics (DPS)]: master of techno-magic, deploys a full range of robotic weaponry and barrages of lasers to disintegrate foes.

ability_racial_betterlivingthroughchemistry [Medicine (Heal)]: expert yet whimsical medic who makes use of healing beams, sprays and odd machines to aid his allies in battle.

Base skills:

inv_gauntlets_29 [Metal fist]: punches the target, causing x physical damage and applying the Weakened blows effect, Weakened blows demoralizes the target, reducing their physical damage dealt by 10% for 30 sec. This ability generates a high amount of threat. 4 sec CD.

inv_gizmo_gnomishflameturret[Build turret]: builds a turret with 35% of your health that periodically shoots projectiles at the target unit for x damage. Turrets last 30 sec active. There can be up to 2 turrets at once. This ability slightly changes depending on your current active specialization.

inv_misc_enggizmos_27[Mine]: places a mine on the floor that explodes when in contact with an enemy, causing a blast of fire that causes x fierophysical damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion and x extra fire damage over 6 sec. You can also explode them all at once with Detonate. There can be up to 3 mines placed at once. 3 charges, 10 sec recharge time.

inv_gizmo_supersappercharge[Detonate]: causes all your mines to instantly explode, causing x fierophysical damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion area and x extra fire damage over 6 sec. 10 sec CD.

inv_misc_bomb_01[Bomb]: hurls a bomb at a target location, causing x fierophysical damage in a 12 yd radius of the impact zone. 2 charges, 15 sec recharge time.

inv_gizmo_runichealthinjector[Emergency Healing Injector]: quickly heals yourself for x. While in heal specialization, allows you to use it on others. Base heal quick/mid/expensive.

inv_jewelry_ring_87[Paralyzing loop]: wraps a hostile unit in an electric loop, effectively paralyzing and stunning it for 1 min. Lasts less on players. There can only be a paralyzed unit at a time.

inv_qiraj_jewelblessed[Transmutation beam]: channels a transmutation beam on the target, dealing x spellphysical damage. If the enemy dies while channeling Transmutation beam, it turns into gold only you can loot. This ability is highly customizable through glyphs, causing enemies to yield herbs, ore, gems, leather, cloth, and enchanting mats instead of gold.

inv_misc_wartornscrap_plate [Extra plating]: puts on patches of plate on your armor for 20 sec, reducing all damage taken by 20%. Extra plating has 3 stacks, and receiving damage may consume 1 of them. If all charges are lost, the effect is lost as well. 1 min.

Inv_plate_firelandsrags_j_01 [Robo-self]: transforms the Tinker into a robotic construct, a powerful armored form that changes depending on your race for 30 sec. The constructs’ traits vary depending on your specialization. 3 min CD.

  • achievement_boss_xt002deconstructor_01 Gnome – XT-001: rock your brand-new XT (NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!).
  • achievement_dungeon_ulduarraid_ironsentinel_01 Dwarf – Iron Colossus: jump on your own iron colossus, lass!
  • inv_mace_41 Draenei – Naaru Cruiser: ride your Naaru cruiser.
  • siegecrafter_blackfuse.v8453 Goblin – Shredder: hop on your shredder.
  • arcanegolem.v8052 Blood Elf – Arcane Golem: command your sentry.
  • achievement_plagueworks Undead – Blight Grinder: turn on your Plague grinder.

inv_misc_enggizmos_20 [Radar]: reveals all stealthed units within 20 yd and causes them to be unable to stealth themselves again for the next 10 sec. 45 sec CD.

Base passives:

Ability_siege_engineer_pattern_recognition[Pattern recognition]: whenever you land a direct strike on an enemy or cast a direct healing spell on a friendly unit, you gain Pattern recognition. Pattern recognition causes your direct attacks or heals to be x% more powerful on that target, this effect stacks. Only 1 target can be recognized at a time. Does not work on yourself.

inv_helmet_170[Thermal vision goggles]: grants greater detection of stealthed enemies. They will appear in a green/red/yellowish mist which only the Tinker can see.

Ability_shaman_repulsiontotem[Buff matrix]: grants one consolidated buff of your choice to you and all party or raid members.

inv_gizmo_02[That grinds my gears!]: reduces the casting time lost from taking damaging attacks by 70%.

inv_gizmo_05[Hot wheels]: increases mount speed by 20% when using mechanical mounts. Those effects don’t stack with other similar speed increases.


achievement_boss_darkanimus[Minor Glyph – Glyph of the Animus]: alters your Robo-self so that it resembles a blood animus.

personalworlddestroyer.v8256[Minor Glyph – Glyph of the Fel Reaver]: your Robo-self now transforms you into a Fel Reaver.

spell_fire_windsofwoe[Minor Glyph – Glyph of Pollution]: your steam emanations are now dark.

ability_vehicle_oiljets[Minor Glyph – Glyph of Oiling]: your movement sounds while transformed in a Mecha are now smooth.


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