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[Tank] Demolition Tinker



[Demolition]: capable of turning to dust whole buildings while transformed into a machine, the demolisher is a mechanical force born not only to besiege foes with a wide range of techno-weaponry, but also to protect his allies.

Passive bonuses:

spell_shadow_charm[Vengeance]: each time you take damage, you gain 1.5% of the unmitigated damage taken as attack power for 20 sec.

inv_ingot_titansteel_dark[Full plating]: the Tinker is protected by light-weight techno-plates, increasing armor by x% and reducing the chance to be critically hit by 8%. Furthermore, increases the Tinker’s stamina by x%. In addition, Extra Plating now only wears off from direct damage.

spell_shaman_measuredinsight [Steam-powered engine]: the Tinker uses Steam power to use his abilities. Steam power is slowly gained over time, and is generated mostly by Metal fist. Haste increases the Steam power generated by abilities.

inv_mace_2h_blacksmithing_02 [Sawblade barrier]: Electromagnet now attracts all active sawblades, dealing x physical damage on their way back to the Tinker, surrounding himself by a barrier of sawblades. Enemies in melee range take x physical damage per second. The barrier has 1 charge per attracted sawblade, and each sawblade adds 10% physical damage reduction. Attacks taken while the barrier is up may destroy a sawblade and consume a charge.

spell_shaman_spiritlink [Reduce, Reuse, Recycle]: whenever a stack of Sawblade barrier is lost or a Mine explodes, there is a x% chance to generate 1 charge of their corresponding skill. Whenever a stack of Extra plating is lost, there is a x% chance to reduce its cooldown by 5 sec.

inv_misc_gear_08 [Scrap field]: your Metal fist, Turret shots, Mines and Extra plating may leave scraps on the floor near you. You can use these metal scraps to add to your armor, granting you a slight physical absorption effect for x (increases with Vengeance).

inv_weapon_hand_30 [Punching party]: Metal fist now has a 15% chance to reset its own CD and causes the next Metal fist to be critical.

spell_arcane_arcaneresilience [Anti-magic shield]: empowers your absorption effects from Scraps and Extra plating now also absorb magic damage taken. In addition, 20% of all direct magic damage resisted is reflected back to the attacker.

 Active skills (not all base abilities are listed here):

inv_gauntlets_29[Metal fist]: punches the target, causing x physical damage and applying the Weakened blows effect, Weakened blows demoralizes the target, reducing their physical damage dealt by 10% for 30 sec. This ability generates a high amount of threat. Generates Steam power. 4 sec CD.

inv_gizmo_gnomishflameturret[Build turret]: builds a turret with 35% of your health that periodically shoots projectiles at the target unit for x damage. Turrets last 30 sec active. There can be up to 2 turrets at once. 2 sec to arm.

Ability_siege_engineer_magnetic_crush[Electromagnet]: deals x nature damage to a target, and causes all nearby enemies within 10 yd to be attracted to the target. Attracted enemies receive x nature damage and are slowed by 70% for 2 sec. Melee range. 50 Steam power to use. 20 sec CD.

Ability_thunderking_overcharge[Static crush]: provokes a shockwave on the ground, dealing x geophysical damage to all enemies within 10 yd. Enemies that were recently attracted by Electromagnet receive 50% more damage from Static crush. In addition, if there are Mines in range, Static crush will detonate them. 20 Steam power to use. 8 sec CD. Replaces Detonate.

inv_misc_enggizmos_27[Mine]: places a mine on the floor that explodes when in contact with an enemy, causing a blast of fire that causes x fierophysical damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion and x extra fire damage over 6 sec. There can be up to 3 mines placed at once. 3 charges, 10 sec recharge time.

inv_misc_sawblade_01[Launch sawblade]: launches a sawblade at the target location, causing x physical damage to all enemies on its way. Upon reaching its destination, the sawblade remains in place, causing x physical damage every second to all hostile units in contact with the saw. The sawblades last 30 sec active. 3 charges, generates 1 charge every 15 sec. 10 Steam power to use. Replaces Bomb.

inv_misc_wartornscrap_plate[Extra plating]: puts on patches of plate on your armor for 20 sec, reducing all damage taken by 20%. Extra plating has 3 stacks, and receiving a direct attack may consume 1 of them. If all charges are lost, the effect is lost as well. 1 min.

Inv_plate_firelandsrags_j_01[Robo-self]: transforms the Tinker into a robotic construct, a powerful armored form that changes depending on your race for 30 sec. Mecha form while in Demolition specialization grants 20% damage reduction at all times, empowers some of your abilities and allows the use of certain robot only skills. When activated, gains 100% of your health as an absorption shield. 3 min CD.

  • ability_vehicle_demolisherram[Demolition (mecha only)]: bashes all enemies in front of you for x physical damage. Demolition slows all damaged enemies by 30% for 6 sec. 30 Steam power. 4 sec CD.
  • inv_gauntlets_29[Metal fist]: deals 20% more damage, has no CD, and provides a new icon depending on the race of the Tinker!
    1. inv_mace_98 Gnome.
    2. inv_gauntlets_100 Dwarf.
    3. inv_weapon_hand_04 Draenei.
    4. Ability_siege_engineer_sockwave_missile Goblin.
    5. inv_weapon_halberd_30 Blood elf.
    6. spell_deathknight_vendetta Undead.
  • Ability_siege_engineer_magnetic_crush[Electromagnet]: now costs 20 Steam power.
  • Ability_thunderking_overcharge[Static crush]: now costs 10 Steam power.
  • inv_misc_sawblade_01[Launch sawblade]: now deals full magic damage (also applies for Sawblade barrier).


inv_helm_plate_pvpwarrior_c_02 [Mastery – Iron Man]: reduces the cooldown of Robo-self by x% and causes critical hits while transformed to increase its duration by x%.


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