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[DPS] Robotics Tinker


[Robotics]: master of techno-magic, deploys a full range of robotic weaponry and barrages of lasers to disintegrate foes.

Passive bonuses:

inv_musket_04 [Railgun]: your autoattacks are now ranged and shoot techno-magical bullets up to 40 yards away.

Spell_mage_altertime [Ain’t nobody got time for that]: you can now place your Turrets instantly, but takes them 2 seconds to arm themselves. In addition, Turrets deal x% more damage.

inv_battery_01 [Phlogiston supply]: robotics tinkers power their constructs with phlogiston, a mysterious energy source that slowly self-generates, but we’ll call it pirite better. A Tinker can store up to 100 Pirite.

Priest_icon_chakra_blue [The Magic of Explosions]: your Mines and Bombs no longer have a recharge time. Instead, they now cost 10 and 15 Pirite respectively.

spell_nature_chainlightning [Shoot that pirite down!]: whenever a robot expires or explodes, a pirite power supply may appear around you. You can pick up the pirite by walking over it. These supplies grant 5 pirite each.

Achievement_jadeserpent_1 [Magic waste]: Pirite beam now also has a x% chance everytime it causes damage to drop a Pirite supply.

spell_fire_meteorstorm [Volley]: using Blast Cannon speeds up your casting speed by 10% for 8 sec, stacking up to 5 times.

spell_nature_wispsplode [Overstorage]: whenever you pick up a Pirite supply, the next skill that consumes pirite deals 5% more damage, this effect stacks.

Active skills (not all base abilities are listed here):

Priest_icon_chakra_red[Blast]: fires off a barrage at your target, causing x magic damage. Generates 5 Pirite. 2.5 sec cast. Replaces Metal fist.

Ability_shawaterelemental_reform[Pirite beam]: channels a phlogiston beam that deals x magic damage. 5 Pirite, plus 5 Pirite per second.

inv_gizmo_gnomishflameturret[Build turret]: builds a turret with 35% of your health that periodically shoots projectiles at the target unit for x damage. Turrets last 30 sec active. There can be up to 2 turrets at once. 15 Pirite.

inv_misc_head_clockworkgnome_01[Clockwork dummy]: creates a mechanical unit that walks towards the target or forward (if no target is selected) attacking all enemies on its way for x . Upon reaching its destination, the dummy explodes, dealing x magic damage. 2.5 sec cast. 25 Pirite.

Ability_rewindtime[Construct]: builds up a robotic construct that aids you in combat for 20 sec. 3 sec cast. 75 Pirite. 1 min CD. Similar to Mindbender or Treants.

inv_weapon_bow_51[Airforce]: sends off aerial units that fire techno-magical missiles at nearby hostile targets you’re in combat with for 10 sec. 3 sec cast. 50 Pirite. 45 sec CD.

inv_misc_enggizmos_27[Mine]: places a mine on the floor that explodes when in contact with an enemy, causing a blast of fire that causes x fierophysical damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion and x extra fire damage over 6 sec. There can be up to 3 mines placed at once. 10 Pirite.

inv_gizmo_supersappercharge[Detonate]: causes all your mines to instantly explode, causing x fierophysical damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the explosion area and x extra fire damage over 6 sec. 10 sec CD.

inv_misc_bomb_01[Bomb]: hurls a bomb at a target location, causing x fierophysical damage in a 12 yd radius of the impact zone. 15 Pirite.

Inv_plate_firelandsrags_j_01[Robo-self]: transforms the Tinker into a robotic construct, a powerful armored form that changes depending on your race for 30 sec. Mecha form while in Robotics specialization grants 20% damage increase to you and your creations at all times, empowers some of your abilities and allows the use of certain robot only skills.  In addition, all creations now deal full magic damage. When activated, grants 100 Pirite and 3 Pirite supplies are placed beneath you. 3 min CD.

  • Ability_deathwing_fierygrip[Laser (mecha only)]: pierces all enemies in front of you with a powerful beam for x magic damage. Laser reduces the cooldown of your Construct and Airforce by 3 sec. Generates 20 Pirite. 2 sec cast. 4 sec CD.
  • Priest_icon_chakra_red [Blast]: deals 20% more damage, generates 5 extra Pirite and becomes instant.
  • Ability_siege_engineer_overload[Tympanic Tantrum]: goes nuts, causing x magic damage to all enemies you’re in combat with. 10 pirite, plus 10 pirite per second. Replaces Pirite beam.
  • inv_ingot_titansteel_dark [Gravity bomb]: now attracts all enemies near the explosion to the impact zone. Replaces Bomb.


inv_mace_92 [Spark of Imagination]: increases all magic damage by x%, the damage of Pirite beam by an extra x% and causes Pirite beam pulses to have a x% chance to cause triple their damage.


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