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[Heal] Medicine Tinker


[Medicine]: expert yet whimsical medic who makes use of healing beams, sprays and odd machines to aid his allies in battle.

Passive bonuses:

inv_potion_156 [Manaholic]: medics use mana to prepare their healing kits. Your primary resource turns to mana and allows Spirit to increase your mana regeneration.

inv_gizmo_healthpotionpack [Expert healing kit]: your Turrets and Mines now heal instead of damaging enemies. See tooltips for more information.

inv_misc_enggizmos_15 [Probes]: you have three artificially-intelligent probes at your avail. These probes, although intelligent, do nothing on their own but happily follow you; however, you can command them to move anywhere you like (as if they were pets). You may assign a probe to a target, so that it follows him; move them all at once, etc. Some medic abilities require probes to work out. Probes cannot be targeted nor killed.

Ability_siege_engineer_automatic_repair_beam [Residual healing]: probes now absorb and store area healing you can unleash with Probopulse.

spell_shaman_staticshock [Quarantine measures]: allies within your Turrets’ shield are immune to direct magic spells from outside.

spell_shadow_deathscream [Say ‘aaah’]: you can now use Metal fist on allies to ‘heal’ them. However, Metal fist now costs mana. Be gentle (What they don’t tell is that it’s a Metal fistful of painkillers).

Inv_elemental_spiritofharmony_2 [Bioplasma]: your periodic healing from Healing spray, Probomines and Probopulse now shield the targets they heal for 10% of the heal.

spell_chargepositive [All well]: whenever Electrotankiogram jumps, you gain a random secondary stat buff for 3 sec.

Active skills (not all base abilities are listed here):

inv_gizmo_runichealthinjector[Emergency Healing Injector]: quickly heals your target for x. If used while moving, it is instant cast, but triggers a 4 sec cooldown. Base heal quick/expensive. 1.5 sec cast.

inv_weapon_rifle_38[Healing beam]: shoots compact healing beam that heals the target for x. Base heal slow/cheap. 2.5 sec cast.

inv_potion_101[Healing Spray]: throws a volatile vial at a friendly target, covering him in healing spray that heals him and all other nearby allies for x over 12 sec. 1.5 sec cast. 6 sec CD.

Priest_icon_chakra_blue[Probopulse]: causes your probes to emit healing pulses (similar to Halo) every second for 3 sec that heal a total of x plus all healing that probes had stored previously. These pulses cover each a 15 yd radius area. 2.5 sec cast.

inv_gauntlets_29[Metal fist]: performs a ‘medical test’ on the target, healing him for a small amount if it’s friendly or causing damage if it’s hostile. Instant. 4 sec CD.

inv_gizmo_runicmanainjector[Emergency Mana Injector]: quickly restores x mana. The amount of mana restored depends on how much mana you have left (the less mana the more it recovers). If used while moving, it becomes instant, but the amount of mana granted is reduced. Emergency Mana Injector can be critical, granting 50% the normal mana. Spirit magnifies its effect. 2 sec cast. 2 min CD.

inv_mace_75[Build healing turret]: builds a turret with 35% of your health that heals a nearby injured friendly unit for x whenever you cast a direct healing spell. Turrets last 30 sec active. There can be up to 2 turrets at once. 2 sec to arm. Replaces Build turret.

inv_misc_enggizmos_21[Probomine]: orders your probes to drop a healing mine at their location (each probe lands one mine). When used, Medical Mine turns into Detonate. Replaces Mine.

  • inv_misc_enggizmos_24 [Detonate Probomine]: detonates your healing mines, causing x healing in 12 yd radius of each mine, plus x extra healing over 6 sec. When used, Detonate turns into Medical Mine again. 2 sec cast. 25 sec CD. Replaces Detonate.

spell_unused[Antibiosyphon 2000]: cures and purifies illnesses from the target by siphoning, removing all Poison, Disease and Magic effects from the target. 8 sec CD.

Ability_vehicle_shellshieldgenerator[Shield-o-tron]: your active turrets are surrounded by a shield, protecting all friendly units within and reducing their damage taken by x (a raw number, not a percentage) for 8 sec. 3 min CD

spell_shaman_spectraltransformation[Health Link-X]: causes the target and a nearby friendly unit to share damage and healing. Any damage and healing they take is split between them. If they move more than 20 yd away from each other, the link fades. Health link lasts 6 sec. 2 min CD.

spell_nature_lightning[Electrotankiogram]: places a ward on your target so that when he receives a blow that takes 10% or more of his total health that same amount is healed. When this effect triggers, Electrotankiogram jumps to another target, healing all allies on its way for 50% of the amount it healed before jumping. When it reaches a new target, it does the same effect, but the amount required to trigger itself increases by 10%, up to 50%. This ability lasts 6 sec on a target, and won’t jump if it expires. 25 sec CD.

inv_misc_enggizmos_32[Acid bomb]: hurls a chemical bomb at the target location, dealing x nature damage in a 12 yd of the impact and leaves a pool of acid on the ground, that slows and damages enemies for x nature damage over 6 sec. Replaces Bomb.

Inv_plate_firelandsrags_j_01[Robo-self]: transforms the Tinker into a robotic construct, a powerful armored form that changes depending on your race for 30 sec. Mecha form while in Medicine specialization grants 10% damage reduction and 20% healing increase at all times, empowers some of your abilities and allows the use of certain robot only skills. When activated, the cooldown of Electrotankiogram and Detonate Probomine are reset. 3 min CD.

  • Ability_rikkal_genetics [DNA-Match (mecha only)]: redistributes your and your target’s health percentages, so that both end up with the same percentage. For example, if the tinker has 80% health and his target 20%, DNA-Match will make both have 50%. In addition reduces the cooldown of Health Link-X by 4 sec. 6 sec CD.
  • inv_weapon_rifle_38 [Healing beam]: cast time reduced to 1.5 sec. In addition, it shoots two additional beams that heal for 25% its normal amount to other two nearby targets.
  • inv_potion_101 [Healing Spray]: the cooldown is reduced by 50%.
  • Priest_icon_chakra_blue [Probopulse]: you now also pulse.


spell_arcane_arcaneresilience [Plasma beam]: your Healing beam now shields for 20% its normal amount if it overheals. Mastery points increase the % Healing beam shields and the % of Bioplasma passive ability. The increase is higher in Healing beam than Bioplasma.


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