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Here you will find a collection of my most notable work for Tibia, a MMORPG. Posted in the official Tibia proposal forum boards, this collection features the following:

Area concepts: In Tibia, new areas come in major patches every summer and winter. These patches include new creatures, quests, outfits (a cosmetic customizable and upgradeable full visual suit for your character), items and likely some minor gameplay enhancements. These are the most successful:

  • [The Undersea Kingdom]: Written on September 7th, 2007. The concept is constructed around two main storylines: 1) The Rise of Zoralurk, the Demon of a Thousand Faces and 2) The Undersea War involving the Quara and the Coral Beasts taking place at either sides of the Kingdom, clashing with it. The city is an underwater Mermaid kingdom named Alantia, made up of pearlescent houses and coral constructions. A number of marine and mythological creatures were in, like Sea Serpents and Medusae, both of which were implemented into the game. This proposal also contained new spell and ability ideas, as well as another proposal of mine of gear enhancing. It remained active on the forum until 2012.
  • [Lands Beyond the Sandstorms]: Written on January 5th, 2009. This area concept deals with two storylines: 1) The Corruption of the The Coven of the Embalmed, a necromantic cult that is performing hideous rituals and creating and summoning undead and demonic abominations; 2) The Mysterious Astral Rift that has breached atop the Mount Al-Hareb and is abducting and warping nearby creatures. The city is named Maheb and it is an Arabian city inside the adrift Mount Al-Hareb. There is nearly no inland other than the abrupt sandy and lifeless peaks of the mount and the serpentine network of caves beneath the mount. This proposal, remained active on the forum until 2010.

New features: New more technical features rarely happen in Tibia, making it a stable game. These changes include ideas related to classes in general and new mechanics regarding gameplay. This is the one that caused most interest on the readers:

  • [Gear Enhancement]: Written on August 8th, 2008. This idea proposed a new system with which players could enchant their items so that weapons and other pieces of equipment received a bonus. The bonuses ranged from simple statistic boosts to more complex procs based on chance. In order to enchant gear, gear had first to have slots that could be enchanted. Each different bonus required a set of different reagents, some of them being very expensive to craft so as to promote high level gathering of reagents. Since items can be freely traded to other characters, enchanting items would set a minimum level of use for the reforged item, and sometimes even a class restrictions. For example, Bows and Crossbows are Paladin weapons in Tibia. On April 29th 2011, Tibia Community Manager Mirade redirected this proposal to the Content Team. This proposal was active on the forum until 2012.

Apart from writing proposals on the official Tibia forums, I also created many item sprites, some of which became fairly popular on the old forums. Item sprites in Tibia consist of 32×32 pixelart images that can be either .png or .gif if animated. Here are some of the ones I’m happiest with:

Amethyst Sword EnchantedBoots of Haste2Cudgel of Ahes Dragon Robe Freeze Sceptre Ani  Mana-Bow-ani  Sapphire Sword Enchanted Soul Harvester 2 Star Lance Stonecutter Axe Sword of the Blue Dragon The Old Widow Twilight SpireWave HalberdWorn Soft BootsArmageddon SpellscrollCrazy Clock AmuletDaystar

Two of these are homage of items belonging to Blizzard Entertainment. Being one of them the Horadric Cube from Diablo II and the other The Untamed Blade from World of Warcraft.

Horadric Cubemano celestial

I have also attempted to create some Tibia concept maps for my proposals by means of a map editor. Unfortunately, CipSoft never released an official version of the Tibia Map Editor. I could make nevertheless a few maps for an ancient-themed area concept I had in mind at that time. I really enjoyed mapping these.

to the place of gods1

Ancient Cave Ruins Corridor – No lighting effects.

to the place of gods2

Ancient Cave Ruins Corridor – With lighting effects.


Ancient Cave Hall – No lighting effects.


Ancient Cave Hall – With lighting effects.


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