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Hearthstone design

banners hs After having played Hearthstone for some time, I started to have ideas for cards that I thought that could be interesting or fun to play, attempting to be realistic on the mana/attack/health and effects ratio. I used the site to create the card images. Here are some of them:


Card intended for an Ulduar Adventure. XT-002 is known for its tympanic tantrum as it yells ‘NO NO NO NO NO!’ and causes heavy area of effect damage. The +1/+1 resembles the buff it receives upon breaking its heart.


Shadowy Apparitions is a Priest spell that may aid in a number of situations. It is intended to be played more offensively than defensively.


Shadow Orbs is a Priest spell that may prove versatile in many situations. It may be a especially useful defensive card against aggro decks filled up with low health minions.


Rogue card based on chance that may prove decisive at the beginning of a game, as it may thwart your opponent’s tactic in early turns.


Rogue minion card that is intended to contribute to weapon based decks. With its effect to put a random weapon card in your hand, it might occasionally cause interesting turnings of the tide.


Priest minion card that is intended to place solid defenses in heavy spell decks, which often lack minion support.


Angel of Resurrection is an epic Priest card that might perform awesome combos alongside Kel’Thuzad, as both share resurrection effects.


Air Revenant is an epic Shaman card that is an improved version of Dust Devil. Said cards are clearly oriented to put heavy pressure on the opponent as they can cause high damage due to the Windfury effect, which allows the minion to attack twice.


Vezax is another suggested card for an Ulduar Adventure. It may cause heavy damage, as well as put pressure on your opponents, as it reverts their natural mana gain each turn.


Murozond is the leader of Warcraft’s Infinite Dragonflight. As such, this card is based on the chaotic nature of the Infinite dragons, which may turn the tide in many occasions.


The Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron is ‘extremely’ hard to open. No one knows what the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron does on the board.


Legendary card for an Ulduar Adventure. Algalon is the one in charge of sending the codes Omega and Alpha. Omega would annihilate all life on the planet, whereas Alpha is an OK signal. This minion plays with the character’s purpose in World of Warcraft.


Putress is known for his mastery and expertise in brewing noxious blighted concoctions. Putress is an improved version of the Mad Alchemist cards, but also has a dangerous on death effect that may be difficult to master.


Svalna is a legendary Priest card that may be used in decks not based on Auchenai Soulpriests nor Shadowform spells, although it may prove useful in such decks when accompanied with cards that benefit from receiving damage, such as Grim Patron or Gurubashi Berserker.


Card intended for a Karazhan Adventure. The Curator poses a serious threat against Mech based decks, as it can literally steal your whole game. Beware of The Curator in late game.


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