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World of Warcraft design

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World of Warcraft is the game to which I have contributed more with regard to design. Most of my work circles around class design (most prominently 4th specializations), although I have also peered up with @_Vanderiel_ to devise an expansion concept for the game called Eye of Azshara. My role on the development of the expansion concept so far is mainly the design of dungeons/raids (including boss fights and the maps), new game features and class changes. Everything has been previously contrasted with my teammate, as well as discussed with Twitter followers and members of the community on the official Spanish forums in order to gather as much feedback as possible. Although it is still unfinished due to the huge volume of work involved, it is nonetheless worth to give it a look. You may click on the mock logo to enter Eye of Azshara’s site.


The highest amount of work, however, is devoted to making up 4th specializations. One of the reasons why I started creating 4th specializations was because of the revamp on the talents system during Cataclysm, and was then consolidated on Mists of Pandaria. Since then, the ideas have had to be reviewed, edited and updated as patches and expansions were implemented. Here is a collection of the 4th spec ideas that have been best reviewed, followed by a brief summary of each concept. You may access the full content clicking on the names of the specializations.

 4th Priest Specialization – Purification: Caster who calls upon holy and divine arts to chastise and burn down foes in searing light.

  • Role: Ranged Damage.
  • Main stat: Critical Strike.
  • Uses Divine Fury as a secondary resource, which is generated with critical hits. The most powerful skills require Divine Fury to cast. These skills have a cast time, but are instant if used while casting Smite.
  • Relies mostly in heavy numbers, unlike Shadow, but also has a limited damage over time capability.

4th Death Knight Specialization – Death Mastery: Versatile caster who raises powerful undead minions and deathly necromantic spells to rip the souls of his enemies.

  • Role: Ranged Damage.
  • Main stat: Mastery.
  • Can raise Liches, Banshees and Val’kyrs as ranged minions for a limited time, and cast an improved version of Army of the Dead.
  • Has a very versatile toolkit based on heavy damage that can excel in single target and area of effect scenarios.

4th Shaman Specialization – Tenacity: Adamant elemental fighter attuned to the earthen forces, using them to protect his allies.

  • Role: Tank.
  • Main stat: Critical Strike.
  • Can transform into an Earth Ascendant and wields two-handed weapons to bash his enemies with magnetic and earthen skills.
  • Has a good passive damage reduction and control on others’ mobility at the expense of its own.

4th Mage Specialization #1 – Lightning: Mage specialized in the recently-found ways of the Electromancer, able to zap and paralyze his foes with quick flashes of lightning.

  • Role: Ranged Damage.
  • Main stat: Haste.
  • Has a Dynamo bar that charges up as the mage casts lightning spells. Critical hits uncharge the Dynamo, causing them to deal increased critical damage. The mage visually sparkles as the Dynamo bar charges.
  • Has a great cleave and a decent area and single target capability.

4th Mage Specialization #2 – Time: Draw upon the threads of time to weave timely pulses of temporal energy to disarm your enemies.

  • Role: Ranged Damage.
  • Main stat: Multistrike.
  • Cannot use mana. Uses Gears of Time as main mechanic (clocks). The Gears of Time move in combat and cause abilities to activate reactively as time passes.
  • Uses a range of time-based spells that allow for very creative use. Can be devastating in cleave and area of effect situations, and can excel in single target damage.

In addition to 4th specializations, I have also reworked a few current classes/specializations and made up three complete new class concept ideas. Some reworks and class concepts are pieces of collaborative work. The ones I feel happiest with are the following:

Balance Druid, a rework: A personal spin-off of @CyousKin‘s ideas contrasted with Alzu‘s.

  • Changes to Eclipse mechanics made in Warlords of Draenor are reverted.
  • Mastery has been heavily tweaked.
  • Includes a pair of new Solar/Lunar spells.
  • Includes new level 100 talents that suit the changes.

Rogue, a rework: A deep rework on the Rogue class. This was written in collaboration with @Dizlain.

  • Features a complete rehash of Rogues’ talent tree.
  • Combat specialization has been heavily refurbished.

Enhancement Shaman, a rework: A different approach on Enhancement. Reviewed by @_Vanderiel_.

  • Allows the use of two-handed weapons.
  • Reworks Windfury and Maelstrom Weapon.
  • Aims at contributing to the fantasy and role of Enhancement, differentiating from Elemental.

Priest level 100 Talents, a rework: A new view on the current level 100 Priest talents. This is a collaborative work with the Spanish Priest community in the official forums.

  • Includes ideas for Discipline, Holy and Shadow.

The last type of work I have done includes designing new classes. Although I have written concepts for Sea Witch and Witch Doctor classes alongside @_Vanderiel_, the class I am most satisfied with is a concept idea for a Tinker class based on technology. Click on the Tinker icon to read its base skills.

They are heavily inspired by the Goblin Tinkers and Goblin Alchemists in Warcraft III, and thus retain some of their abilities. The most iconic ability in this concept is Robo-Goblin, which transforms the Tinker into a mechanical construct of great power. They are also influenced by the latest events in World of Warcraft about the technological revival in Warlords of Draenor.

This class is available to the following races, as they all show deep technological awareness: Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Draenei and Orc, Undead, Blood Elf, Goblin.

Tinkers have access to three specializations:

Demolition: Capable of turning to dust whole buildings while transformed into a machine, the demolisher is a mechanical force born not only to besiege foes with a wide range of techno-weaponry, but also to protect his allies.

  • Role: Tank.
  • Main stat: Critical Strike.
  • Uses Steam as resource. Steam is slowly passively generated, and actively generated by Metal Fist.
  • Has a dual passive-active mitigation mechanic:
    • Gathering metal scraps from the ground to protect himself with an absorption shield.
    • Attracting sawblades to create a shield around himself.
  • Is especially good at handling groups of enemies.

Robotics: Master of techno-magic, deploys a full range of robotic weaponry and barrages of lasers to disintegrate foes.

  • Role: Ranged Damage.
  • Main stat: Mastery.
  • Uses Pirite as resource. Pirite is slowly passively generated and actively generated by Laser Blast. Dealing damage with Pirite Beam may drop Pirite residue for the Tinker to pick up.
  • Makes use of lasers and mechanical units to deal damage.
  • Most damage is Arcane, but depending on the race some graphics may appear visually as fire (in the case of orcs and humans) or blight (in the case of undead). This is pretty much customizable with minor glyphs.

Medicine: Expert yet whimsical medic who makes use of healing beams, sprays and eccentric devices to aid his allies in battle.

  • Role: Healer.
  • Main stat: Multistrike.
  • Uses Mana as resource.
  • Has to control Probes in order to optimize healing. Probes have a number of formations you can use. They interact with many passive and active skills.
  • Has a wide range of support abilities.

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