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[DPS] Time Mage


This idea was actually going to be a specialization for Timewardens, another class idea that was to be written alongside @_Vanderiel_, but ended up suiting Mages better.

This specialization features a complex yet innovative system that is somewhat inspired by the new Eclipse mechanic Balance Druids received in Warlords of Draenor. Using that model, I worked out a set of abilities completely based on time. This is probably my most adventurous specialization of all I have written.

spell_holy_borrowedtime[Time]: Draw upon the threads of time to weave timely pulses of temporal energy to disarm your enemies.

Skill priority:

  1. Countdown
  2. Temporal Crux
  3. Chronopulse
  4. Time Blast

Note: This priority may vary depending on talent choices. Mage Bombs, Novas, Meteor nor any other offensive talents are not included. Infinite Loop.

Passive bonuses:

inv_mace_1h_deathwingraid_d_02[Gears of Time]: You sense the energies that flow through this timeline. The Gears of Time are now your primary gameplay mechanic. You manage 2 gear-like dials with 1 hand each (similar to Vagaries of Time, the mace Morchok drops) that move each other. Hands will start motion in combat. For every second hands are in motion, there is a chance your offensive abilities unlock and/or gain a charge (resulting in a very reactive gameplay), and its period can be reduced by haste. The ability that gains a charge and/or is unlocked is random, but all should be guaranteed to proc very frequently, resulting in a quick paced gamestyle. This “time” mechanic is similar to moonkins’ new Eclipse Bar. Gears of Time could be altered via talents to alter their pace, rhythm and/or shape. This is how they would look, approximately:


inv_gizmo_khoriumpowercore[Seize the Moment]: You gain 15% more Multistrike from all sources. Also increases the damage of your Multistrikes by 25%.

Ability_rewindtime[Push the Tempo]: Time Blast, Chronopulse and Time Crux accelerate the speed your Dials move for 1 sec, increasing the rate your abilities proc.

spell_arcane_massdispel[Recurrence]: Multistrikes have a (low) chance to refund a charge of your offensive skills when you use them.

achievement_guildperk_everyones a hero_rank2[Synchrony]: Your offensive abilities sync the enemies they hit. Multistrikes land on all synced enemies in a 40 yd radius. There is no limit of synced units, as long as they are in range.

Active skills:

inv_elemental_mote_nether[Time Blast]: Draw power from this timeline to launch a bolt of energy that instantly deals x Arcane damage and slows the target by 80% for 1 sec. 1 sec cast. Can be cast in movement. 3 charges.

spell_holy_borrowedtime[Chronopulse]: Cause temporal energy to beat the area around your target, causing x Arcane damage plus 50% of that damage to all other nearby enemies in a 8 yd radius. 1.5 sec cast. 2 charges.

Spell_mage_altertime[Temporal Crux]: Overwhelms your enemy with a timely arcane wave, causing x Arcane damage. Causes more damage the closer the hands of your Dials are to each other. In addition, causes your next 2 abilities to have 25% more chance to multistrike. Instant. 1 charge.

spell_nature_timestop[Countdown]: Places a temporal ward on your enemy target that lasts 5 sec, storing 100% of all damage you deal. When Countdown expires, all the damage stored is dealt again instantly. This damage can multistrike. Countdown deals a lesser percentage of damage on players. Instant. 1 charge.

ability_hunter_readiness[Time Loop]: Cause all offensive actions performed in the following 12 sec to automatically replicate over the next 12 sec after this effect expires. Instant. 2 min CD.

Support abilities:

spell_shadow_detectlesserinvisibility[Clairvoyance]: The mage takes a glimpse at the future and foresees a great danger incoming, healing 30% of all damage taken in the following 3 seconds over the next 3 seconds after this effect expires.

hourglass [Hourglass of Time]: Place a Hourglass at the selected location. You can activate the Hourglass to buff you and your party or raid allies for a short period of time. Each charge used grants x% Multistrike chance for 3 sec to all allies that are close to it. The Hourglass can hold up to 5 charges, and you may only use a maximum of 5 during any combat. Its functioning and graphics are similar to the Hourglass found in the Murozond encounter.


Priest_icon_chakra[Mastery – Time Orbs] – Your Multistrikes have a x% chance to create a Time Orb near an enemy. When an enemy approaches an orb it explodes and deals x Arcane damage and slows him by 90% for 2 sec, with a 10% chance to stun for 1 sec. Time Orbs last 30 sec active. They will damage the nearest enemy if they expire without being activated. Time Orbs are similar to Mistweaver Monk’s Healing Spheres.


inv_glyph_minormage[Glyph of Infinity – Minor Glyph]: Alters the visuals of your Time spells, giving an Infinite flavor (black and white/blueish).



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