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Heroes of the Storm design

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Heroes of the Storm was my gateway to the MOBA genre. Playing since its Alpha phase, the colorful and everexpanding asset of characters available for brawling made me think on the huge amount of possible potential new heroes that could make it into the Nexus. As a result, ideas began to storm my mind. The most effort I have taken is towards hero design, but there is also a map idea I’m currently working on.

So far, I have written concepts for 9 heroes from Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft which have been posted on both EU Spanish and English forum boards. Most characters, however, belong to Warcraft and Diablo universes due to my familiarity with them. I strongly recommend navigating through this page using Ctrl+F search feature. My heroes are:

  • Ragnaros, the Firelord (Melee Specialist – Warcraft)
  • Anzu, the Dark Watcher (Melee Assassin – Warcraft)
  • Isendra, Nephalem Sorceress (Ranged Support – Diablo)
  • Shinfel, of the Black Harvest (Ranged Assassin – Warcraft)
  • Lei Shen, the Thunder King (Melee Assassin – Warcraft)
  • Probe X-Z7, Protoss Vanguard Unit (Melee Specialist – Starcraft)
  • Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind (Ranged Support – Warcraft)
  • Wilfred Fizzlebang, Master Summoner (Ranged Specialist – Warcraft)
  • Auriel, Archangel of Hope (Ranged Support – Diablo)
  • Adria, the Black Witch (Ranged Specialist – Diablo)
  • Imperius, Archangel of Valor (Melee Warrior – Diablo)
  • Itherael, Archangel of Fate (Melee Specialist – Diablo)
  • Andariel, Maiden of Anguish (Melee Warrior – Diablo)


Ragnaros, the Firelord
Universe: Warcraft
Role: Melee Specialist
Difficulty: Easy

Q: Sulfuras Smash: Pound the target melee area with Sulfuras, dealing strong damage to all enemies in the area. 3 lava waves will emerge from the impact zone following a perpendicular path, causing moderate damage to all enemies.

  • Spire of Sulfuron: Lava waves are sent forward instead of perpendicularly.
  • Sulfuron’s Blaze: Basic attacks empower the next Sulfuras Smash, causing the initial area strike to deal x extra damage.
  • Molten Lava: Lava waves cause 30% extra damage over 3 sec.

W: Wrath of Ragnaros: Create a fiery explosion on a small area that causes moderate damage and knocks enemies back a short distance.

  • Wrath of Fire: Wrath of Ragnaros has increased radius.
  • By fire be purged!: Deals 10% extra damage per enemy in the area.
  • Heating Up: Wrath of Ragnaros also sets the area on fire for 3 sec.

E: World in flames: Ragnaros unleashes a fire nova that causes moderate damage and sets everything around him in flames for 3 sec in a wide area. Enemies take minor damage per second they stand in the fire.

  • Echoing Flames: An additional fire nova is cast after a 2 sec delay for 50% the damage.
  • Aggressive Burst: World in flames also pushes enemies back a short distance.
  • Spreading the Heat: Enemies killed by the fire nova release a fiery burst that causes moderate damage to nearby enemies.

• R1: Sons of the Flame: Ragnaros submerges himself for 1 sec to cause 6 bursts of lava to erupt in random directions that each cause moderate damage on impact. Additionally, 6 Sons of the Flame will emerge from the impact locations to fight for their lord for 9 sec. When these reach an enemy, they explode for massive damage.

  • Lava Scions: Sons of the Flame deal 25% more damage and causes this ability to also summon 2 Lava Scions that cause massive splash damage.

• R2: Volcano: Causes the ground in the target area location to erupt in a volcano that blocks the path and spews bursts of lava in random directions that cause strong damage and stun affected enemies for 1 sec. Volcanoes deal additional damage against structures.

  • Lava Stream: Volcanoes cause rivers of lava to spread outward from their location in random directions that cause strong damage each second enemies stand in them.

Trait: Firelord: Ragnaros burns the ground he’s standing on for 3 sec. Enemies in the fire take minor damage every second.

  • Burning Embers: Fires last 5 sec. This applies to all skills that set the ground on fire.

Anzu, the Dark Watcher
Universe: Warcraft
Role: Melee Assassin
Difficulty: Hard

Note: Anzu can’t use mounts, but passively moves 15% faster. This bonus increases to 30% out of combat. Instead of using mounts, Anzu can use Shadowslip.

Z: Shadowslip: Anzu slips through the shadows, leaping towards an ally or enemy hero and turning invisible for 3 sec. This effect has 30 sec cooldown.

  • Slither: Basic attacks reduce Shadowslip cooldown by 1 sec.
  • Blur: Gain 30% movement speed for 2 sec after using Shadowslip.

Q: Nocturnal Strike: Pecks an enemy from the shadows, causing strong damage. If the target is hidden in the grass or is used while Anzu is invisible, Nocturnal Strike deals double the damage. This ability has a short range.

  • Swoop: Nocturnal Strike range is increased by 30%.
  • Predatory Strike: Deals 20% more damage to enemies that are below 50% health.
  • Pry: Nocturnal Strike ignores shields and damage reduction buffs on the target.

W: Shadow Gale: Creates a gust of ominous wind in a frontal cone dealing moderate damage and blinding them for 2 sec. Anzu leaps backwards a short distance when he uses this ability.

  • Ominous Wind: Blind effect increased to 3 sec.
  • Dusk Shroud: Anzu is granted 25% damage reduction for 3 sec after using Shadow Gale.
  • Lingering Darnkess: Shadow Gale now turns Anzu invisible for 1.5 sec.

E: Screech: Anzu emits a piercing screech, causing moderate damage to all enemies in close range, silencing for 0.5 sec.

  • Piercing Shriek: Screech now reduces enemies movement speed  by 60%, decaying over 2 sec.
  • Nightingale: Increases the silence effect duration to 1.5 sec.
  • Wailing Echo: Screech is cast a second time after 2 sec.

• R1: A Murder of Crows: Anzu calls forth a murder of crows on all nearby enemy heroes, pursuing and pecking them, each causing minor damage, revealing them on the map and slowing their movement by 30% for 2 sec. They last 12 sec.

  • Wrath of the Raven God: Each crow now deals additional damage equal to 1.5% of the target’s maximum health on each attack. Anzu is healed for the same amount.

• R2: Ghostly Projection: Anzu projects himself in the shadows and creates 3 illusory clones that fool enemies and copy Anzu’s basic abilities for 15% of his damage for 3 sec. Anzu is also turned invisible for 3 sec.

  • Refraction: An illusory clone spawns whenever Anzu uses Shadowslip.

Trait: Eye of Anzu: Anzu naturally detects and reveals all enemies that are invisible or hidden in the grass within his vision range. However, his vision radius is reduced by 20%.

Isendra, Nephalem Sorceress
Universe: Diablo II
Role: Ranged Support
Difficulty: Medium

Q: Lightning: Sends forth a lightning bolt that rapidly travels forward a long distance, dealing moderate damage to all enemies in its path. Lightning bounces on obstacles, walls and structures, allowing unique pathing.

  • Thundering Wave: Increases Lightning’s width by 20%.
  • Charged Bolt: Damaging an enemy has a chance to release a charged bolt that moves randomly and causes minor damage to enemies in its path. Charged bolts last 2 sec.
  • Chain Lightning: Hitting an enemy with Lightning has a 20% chance to release another Lightning from the target location to a random direction.

W: Enchant: Imbues the target ally hero’s weapon with fiery magic, causing their basic attacks to deal 100% more damage for 4 sec.

  • Sear: Imbued weapons now cause 20% additional damage over 3 sec.
  • Explode: Imbued weapons now cause splash damage.
  • Everburning: Increases Enchant duration to 6 sec.

E: Mana Shield: Isendra conjures a magic shield on a target ally for 6 sec. This shield drains Isendra’s mana instead of the shielded ally’s health. The shield absorbs up to 20% Isendra’s max mana.

  • Attunement: While shielded, damage taken is reduced by 20% growing up to 60% over its duration.
  • Expansion: Increases the amount of Isendra’s maximum mana the shield can withhold to 30%.
  • Mana Wave: Breaking Mana Shield releases a force wave from the shielded ally’s location, pushing back all other nearby enemy or ally heroes a medium distance.

• R1: Firewall: Summons a fiery wall for 4 sec that deals moderate damage per second to all enemies standing on it. In addition, enemy projectiles coming from either side and touch the wall are burned down and destroyed.

  • Curtain of Flames: Firewall is empowered so that it blocks enemies’ vision from either side. In addition, Firewall is wider, longer, and lasts 6 sec.

• R2: Static Field: Weakens enemies in a medium-short range around Isendra, temporarily reducing their max health by 20% for 3 sec. Enemies regain that 20% health when Static Field expires.

  • Paralysis: Static Field now also roots affected enemies in place for 1 sec.

Trait: Warmth: A magic refreshing aura that recalls a cozy fire surrounds Isendra, regenerating 3% mana per second of all ally heroes near her.

Shinfel, Witch of the Dark Harvest
Universe: Warcraft
Role: Ranged Assassin
Difficulty: Hard

Note: Shinfel’s basic attack is Drain Life, a weak channeled attack that causes her damage over time abilities on the target to do 20% more damage. Whenever Drain Life deals damage, Shinfel is healed for 2% of her maximum health. In addition, Shinfel’s Drain Life has 20% longer range than other heroes’ basic attacks.

Q: Corruption: Corrupts a target enemy, causing minor damage every 2 sec for 4 sec.

  • Contagion: Corruption now causes splash damage.
  • Malady: Corruption now causes anti heal on the target, blocking healing received by the target for an amount equal to 100% of the damage dealt for 6 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Consumption: Damage from Corruption heals Shinfel for 2% her maximum health.

W: Unstable Affliction: Afflicts an enemy and makes them suffer minor damage every 2 sec for 6 sec.

  • Everlasting Affliction: When Unstable Affliction expires, two additional pulses follow over the next 2 sec.
  • Unstable Instability: Each Unstable Affliction pulse damage is increased by a random number between 1% and 100%.
  • Depression: Unstable Affliction damage has a 15% chance to cause one of the following negative effects for 0.5 sec: blindness, snare, root, stun, silence.

E: Agony: Curses an enemy with dark magic. Deals minor damage every 2 sec for 8 sec. Damage grows over time.

  • Curse of Enfeeblement: Agony now slows afflicted enemies by 10%, growing up to 80% over its duration.
  • Curse of Tongues: Agony now increases the afflicted enemy heroes’ base cooldowns by 0.5 sec, growing up to 4 sec over its duration.
  • Curse of Weakness: Agony now decreases damage enemies deal by 5%, growing up to 25% over its duration.

• R1: Doom: Casts a dreadful curse on the target enemy hero, causing strong damage every 5 sec over 20 sec.

  • Apocalypse: Doom now causes damage to all other nearby targets in a short range area.

• R2: Haunt: Damage over time skills have a chance to grant Shinfel a Haunt charge. Haunt deals x damage instantly and heals her for 150% the damage. Haunt can hold up to 2 charges.

  • Restless Soul: Haunt now causes additional 50% damage over 3 sec. If an enemy hero dies during this time, a newly cast Haunt spreads from the target location to all other enemy heroes in a wide range.

Trait: Soul Swap: Copies the damage over time effects on the target, preserving their duration. Your next use of Soul Swap within 3 sec will exhale a copy of the effects onto a new target. This trait has 20 sec cooldown.

  • Soulsplit: Soul Swap now has a 12 sec cooldown.

Lei Shen, the Thunder King
Universe: Warcraft
Role: Melee Assassin
Difficulty: Medium

Q: Decapitate: Lei Shen strikes with his weapons Uroe and Shan Dun, delivering a heavy amount of damage to enemies and renders them vulnerable for 2 sec. Decapitate has a short rhomb pathing that can shrink to cover more horizontal area at less range or stretch to have more range but less horizontal coverage.

  • Overreach: Increases Decapitate area by 20%.
  • Overpower: Decapitate has a 15% chance not to incur its cooldown.
  • Overwhelm: Enemies that are slowed, stunned or rooted take 30% more damage from Decapitate.

W: Crashing Thunder: After a short delay, a bolt of thunder rains down from the sky at the target location causing moderate damage.

  • Bouncing Bolt: If Crashing Thunder does not hit any target, it will replicate twice at two random nearby locations with wider area and 15% more damage.
  • Diffusion Chain: Two lightning bolts emerge from Crashing Thunder impact location, damaging nearby enemy units for a moderate amount, preferring enemy heroes.
  • Thunderstruck: Crashing Thunder now stuns enemies hit for 1 sec.

E: Lightning Whip:  After a short delay, Lei Shen cracks a terrible lightning whip in a frontal cone that deals strong damage. This skill leaves lightning ripples on the ground for the next 4 sec, causing additional minor damage every second to enemies standing on them.

  • Feedback: A second 50% narrower but 25% longer Lightning Whip is cast 0.5 sec later at the same location.
  • Crackle: Lightning Whip range is increased by 20% and the delay is removed.
  • Lightning Lasso: Enemies hit are rooted in place for 0.5 sec.

• R1: Helm of Command: After a short delay, exerts imperial order upon Lei Shen’s enemies, pushing them away from his location for 3 sec. Enemies affected by Helm of Command take moderate damage every 0.5 sec while being pushed away.

  • Reign of the Thunder King: Helm of Command is now also passively activated for 1 sec every 30 sec.

• R2: Throne of Thunder: Lei Shen calls forth lightning rain on a wide area around himself that lasts 6 sec. Every 2 sec, thunder crashes on nearby enemy heroes causing moderate damage and stunning them for 0.5 sec.

  • Overcharge: When the storm is over, Lei Shen unleashes a lightning nova that quickly grows in size, causing moderate damage and stunning enemies hit for 1 sec.

Trait: Static Electricity: Lei Shen’s basic attacks and skills leave sparks on the ground. Enemies that touch the sparks take minor damage and are snared by 20% for 1 sec. They last 12 sec.

Probe X-Z7, Protoss Vanguard Unit
Universe: Starcraft
Role: Melee Specialist
Difficulty: Very Hard

Note: X-Z7 is a very fragile hero and has very low health (slightly more than Murky). However, respawns 75% faster than most heroes. X-Z7 can’t use mounts either, but can use Chrono Boost to speed up.

Z: Chrono Boost: X-Z7 can’t use a mount, but can speed itself up by 60% for 3 sec to flee. The speed decays over time.

  • Chrono Pulse: Increases its duration to 4 sec and reduces its cooldown to 16 sec.

Q: Create Pylon: X-Z7 prepares the summoning of a Pylon on the target location that will appear after 6 sec. Pylons allow the summoning of Photon Cannons and Gateways. Pylons protect all probe’s structures within their range with a psionic shield. When an enemy attacks a probe’s structure, the Pylon takes the damage. Pylons are very important and should be renewed frequently. Pylons are free to summon, but have a cooldown. They last 1 min.

  • Khaydarin Crystal: Pylons’ health is increased by 30% and last 2 min.
  • Energize: While inside a Pylon’s radius, X-Z7 gains 25% movement speed.
  • Shield Battery: While inside a Pylon’s radius, 75% of the damage X-Z7 takes is redirected to the Pylon.

W: Create Photon Cannon: X-Z7 prepares the summoning of a Photon Cannon on the target location that will appear after 6 sec. Photon Cannons attack enemies at range and deal splash damage. They deal 1/4 the damage if not within range of a Pylon.

  • Light Spheres: Photon Cannon now send barrages of three blasts.
  • Long Range Refraction Mirrors: Photon Cannons have 30% more range.
  • Psionic Concussion: Photon Cannon blasts now slow targets by 80% for 0.5 sec.

E: Create Gateway: X-Z7 prepares the summoning of a Gateway on the target location that will appear after 6 sec. Gateways are structures that periodically spawn Protoss Zealot minions that attack at melee range. These minions will push the nearest lane.

  • Eye of Observation: Gateways now also periodically spawn Protoss Observers. Observers are very fragile units that reveal the area they are in. These units are very fragile.
  • Cybernetics Core: Gateways now also periodically spawn Protoss Dragoons. Dragoons are siege units that attack at range.
  • Call of Adun: Gateways call minions twice as fast.

• R1: Summoning Matrix: Relocates a Pylon with a max of 3 Protoss structures in its range to a visible map location.

  • Warp Shard: Summoning Matrix no longer has a structure limit.

• R2: Support Unit: Gain the control of X-Z7-2, allowing X-Z7 to easily cover more area. Minerals gathered are shared between both probes. Each probe has its own respawn timer.

  • X-Z7-3: Gain control of a third probe. In addition, all probes gain 20% extra health.

Trait: Particle Beam: X-Z7 uses Mineral as resource. It uses Mineral to build Photon Cannons and Gateways. Mineral is gathered from killed enemy minions and structures. X-Z7 can hold up to 2 pieces of Mineral at once.

  • Extra Storage: X-Z7 can now hold up to 5 Mineral.

Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind
Universe: Warcraft
Role: Ranged Support
Difficulty: Easy

Q: Power Word: Shield: Bless an ally hero, shielding them for a moderate amount.

  • Rapture: When a Shield expires or is broken, Anduin receives 3% of his total mana.
  • Binding Shield: Power Word: Shield is also cast on Anduin when he uses it to shield an ally unit.
  • Reflective Shield: While the shield holds up, enemies that attack a shielded ally are reflected 50% of the damage they deal.

W: Holy Fire: Instantly sear a small target location with holy flames for moderate damage.

  • Power Word: Solace: Holy Fire now returns 5% of Anduin’s maximum mana if it hits an enemy.
  • Purge the Wicked: Holy Fire now also dispels all buffs enemy heroes have and reduces all healing they take by 25% for 6 sec.
  • Flames of the Crusade: Holy Fire now deals 25% more damage to enemy heroes and deals extra moderate damage over 6 sec.

E: Penance: Channels a volley of 3 bolts of holy light over 2 sec forward at the cursor’s location, each bolt healing all allies and dealing moderate damage to all enemies in its way. While channeling, Anduin can redirect the direction of Penance with the cursor. Penance uses a smooth zig-zag or sine-wave pathing.

  • Piety: Penance reaches 25% longer.
  • Grace: Each bolt of Penance that reaches the same ally/enemy unit causes them to receive/take 10% extra healing/damage from successive Penance bolts.
  • Twist of Fate: Penance causes 20% more damage or heal to enemies or allies under 50% health.

• R1: Power Word: Barrier: Conjures a divine dome on the target location that lasts for 3 sec and reduces all damage taken by ally units within by 40%.

  • Sanctuary: Power Word: Barrier radius is increased by 25% and causes enemies within to be silenced.

• R2: Leap of Faith: After a short delay, pulls an allied hero towards you from anywhere in the map and makes them invulnerable for 1.5 sec.

  • Divine Intervention: The cooldown on Leap of Faith is reduced by 50% and causes Anduin to also become invulnerable.

Trait: Train of Thought: Using a basic ability reduces the current cooldown of the other two by 2 sec.

  • Revelations: Increase the cooldown reduction to 3 sec.

Wilfred Fizzlebang, Master Summoner
Universe: Warcraft
Role: Ranged Specialist
Difficulty: Medium

Q: Summon Imps: Summon 2 imps that fight by your side at range. Imps cast fireballs to nearby enemies that deal minor damage, always preferring your target.

Q2: Summon Succubi (Jaraxxus): Summon 2 succubi that fight by your side at mid-range. Succubi use sweeping attacks with their whip that cause moderate damage.

W: Summon Voidwalker: Summon a resilient voidwalker in the target location that attacks nearby enemies. It always prefers your target.

W2: Summon Infernal (Jaraxxus): Calls down a meteor from the sky in the target location that deals strong damage and stuns affected enemies for 1 sec. An infernal emerges from the impact zone. Infernals deal strong damage and pulse with fel fire that causes nearby enemies to take minor damage every second.

E: Soulfire: Instantly sends a powerful fireball that deals strong damage. If it damages an enemy at or under 35% health, Soulfire returns its mana cost and only triggers 3 sec cooldown.

E2:  Inferno (Jaraxxus): Unleashes a great burst of fel fire at a target that deals strong damage and leaves a trail of fire that causes moderate damage per second. Fires last 3 sec. If it damages an enemy at or under 35% health, Inferno returns its mana cost and only triggers 3 sec cooldown.

• R1: Summoning Mastery: Summons improved versions of your demons that are tougher and more powerful. In addition, doubles the amount of demons you summon with your abilities.

• R2: An incredible feat!: Wilfred will perform a trick that will impress all! He will attempt to summon a major demon of the Burning Legion! Unfortunately, he will inevitably summon Lord Jaraxxus, Eredar lord of the Burning Legion, who will kill the trifling gnome. The good news is YOU get to control Jaraxxus! Jaraxxus is a powerful ranged specialist who has skills that are similar to Wilfred’s, which retain any improvements selected via talents.

Trait: Demonic Pact: Wilfred’s (or Jaraxxus’) maximum health and damage increase by 10% per active demon.

Auriel, Archangel of Hope
Universe: Diablo
Role: Ranged Support
Difficulty: Medium

Q: Pacify: Sends forward a wave of light that deals moderate damage and silences and blinds all enemies for 0.25 sec.

W: Bond of Empathy: Causes the target ally to share the damage they take with Auriel for the next 2 sec.

E: Seal of Hope: Creates a seal on the target area location that heals for a moderate amount each sec for 3 sec.

• R1: Caress of Al’maiesh: Auriel waves her holy cord forward, healing all ally heroes in the way and granting them 60% movement speed for 1 sec. Enemy heroes caught in the whip are tethered in place for 3 sec and suffer strong damage. Very long range.

• R2: Circle of Selflessness: After a short delay of 1.5 sec, Auriel emits a circle of holy energy that redistributes and equals the health percentage of all nearby ally heroes.

Trait: Hope Dies Last: Auriel gains 2% extra maximum health per Regeneration Globe collected until she dies. While dead, Auriel grants all ally heroes half the % of maximum health she gathered before dying. Regeneration Globes allies pick while Auriel is dead reduce their resurrection timer by 1 sec.

Adria, the Black Witch
Universe: Diablo
Role: Ranged Specialist
Difficulty: Medium

Note: Adria uses a Town Portal to recall instead of a Hearthstone, which implies the following: She recalls 25% faster than other heroes, and allows her to port back to the location from where she recalled. Such a crafty witch she is!

Q: Blood Stream: Channels a bloody beam of dark magic that deals moderate splash damage. This ability has a long range. In addition, Blood Stream drains 2% of Adria’s maximum health each second.

  • Bloodburst: Enemies dying to Blood Stream cause a blood explosion that deals moderate area damage.
  • Living Blood: Killing an enemy with Blood Stream causes a blood blob to spawn at its location. Blood blobs move randomly and burst when in contact with an enemy, causing moderate area damage.
  • Life Tap: Blood Stream now causes 1.5% the target’s maximum health as damage every time it deals damage.

W: Healing Potion: Adria drinks a healing potion of her own making that heals her for 30% of her maximum health over 3 sec. 2 charges. This ability is tied to Adria’s trait, check it out for more info.

  • Potion Belt: Adria can now hold 3 charges of Healing Potion.
  • Rejuvenation Potion: Causes potions to also return 15% of her maximum mana over 3 sec.
  • Demonblood Potion: Potions now empower Adria’s skill power by 25% while it lasts.

E: Black Mushroom: Grows a black mushroom on the target location that sprouts after a 3 sec delay and lasts for 1 min. Enemies that get too close to mushrooms are revealed and put to sleep for 3 sec. Taking damage negates the effect. 3 charges.

  • Fungal Colony: Black Mushroom now has 5 charges and 30% lower cooldown.
  • Seasoned Mycologist: Whenever Adria gathers a reagent, gain 1 Black Mushroom charge.
  • Spreading Spores: A Black Mushroom is passively planted near Adria’s position every 20 sec.

• R1: Sacrificial Pact: Imprints a demonic symbol on the target area location. After a short delay, enemies standing on the symbol receive heavy damage over 6 sec. Enemies dying while this damage effect is active grant Adria health and mana. The regeneration effect is increased against heroes.

  • Blood Pact: Sacrificial Pact’s radius is increased and also spawns several blood blobs at the location.

• R2: Bloodstorm: Adria calls down an ominous blood shower that covers a very wide area and deals minor damage over 6 sec. In addition to this, randomly moving blood blobs congeal all over the place. These blood blobs burst on contact with enemies, dealing moderate area damage.

  • You Will Drown in Your Own Blood!: Increases Bloodstorm rain damage by 30% and causes Bloodstorm to passively activate periodically every 30 sec for 2 sec.

Trait: Witchcraft: Adria’s potion making knowledge allows her to find and gather herbs and reagents to prepare potions to heal herself. Reagents are found all over the map. 3 herbs are required to craft a Healing Potion. It takes Adria 2 seconds to brew a potion.

  • The Gathering: Potions are automatically prepared when Adria gathers 3 herbs.

Imperius, Archangel of Valor
Universe: Diablo
Role: Melee Warrior
Difficulty: Easy

Q: Imperious Command: Halts an enemy, preventing them from moving for 1 sec and causes moderate splash damage.

  • Burden of Guilt: When the root effect expires, the enemy is slowed by 40%, decaying over 2 sec.
  • Chastise: Imperious Command now renders the target vulnerable for 2 sec.
  • Subdue: Imperious Command now affects 1 more enemy near the target, preferring heroes.

W: Retribution: Reactive ability that has a chance to be activated when Imperius is hit. Deals strong splash damage to the current target and can hold up to 2 charges.

  • Avenger: Increases the number of maximum charges to 3.
  • Omnislash: Retribution now hits all enemy targets around Imperius.
  • Fend Off: Using Retribution grants 25% damage reduction for 2 sec.

E: Lance Thrust: Imperius engages an enemy target from range with his spear, dealing moderate damage to all enemies in his way. Covers a wide area.

  • Holy Reach: Increases Lance Thrust range by 30%.
  • Blinding Light: Lance Thrust now also blinds the enemy for 3 sec.
  • Wrathful Rush: All enemies on the path are pushed away to either side.

• R1: Heaven’s Wrath: After a short delay, Imperius leaps becoming invulnerable and sends forward three devastating waves of light in a cone over 1 sec that deals strong damage and snares enemies by 20% for 2 sec. Each successive wave is wider and longer than the former. The pathing of this ability changes depending on where the cursor is.

  • Divine Purge: Instead of a cone, Heaven’s Wrath now strikes all around Imperius and causes enemies to burn for 25% of the damage over 3 sec.

• R2: Vanquish: Strikes at an enemy hero with a flurry of strikes that cause strong damage over 1 sec. While Vanquishing, the affected enemy is rooted in place and Imperius is rendered unstoppable and resistant.

  • Victory Rush: If the enemy hero is successfully vanquished, Imperius is fully healed and Vanquish cooldown is reduced to 12 sec.

Trait: Endurance: Imperius cannot take more than 20% of his total health every second. Furthermore, when he takes fatal damage he resists death for 3 sec, dying afterwards if he is not healed. This effect has 1 min CD.

  • Undying Valor: Increases the duration of the resist death effect to 5 sec.

Itherael, Archangel of Fate
Universe: Diablo
Role: Melee Specialist
Difficulty: Hard

Description: Itherael is a strategic hero that relies greatly on delivering devastating blows by means of combos. His basic abilities do not deal much damage on their own, instead, Itherael makes use of Decipher to trigger their fullest potential. Itherael’s role in a game can vary much depending on what talents he chooses. He is labelled as melee because he has no ranged autoattack.

Itherael does not use mana as resource. His basic abilities are cooldown based. Decipher uses a special resource called Runewords, which are gathered with Readings of the Talus’ar (button 2, see below). In addition, he is able to teleport every once in awhile. This, however, renders him a rather fragile hero.

Q: Chain of Fate: Itherael manifests an ethereal thread of fate between him and an enemy unit that completely forms after a short delay and lasts 4 sec. It deals minor damage every second and reveals the target. Itherael can use Decipher on the thread to break it and trigger additional effects.

  • Shattered Fate: When Itherael breaks the chain, both him and his target are pushed away from each other.
  • Weaving the Witnesses: When Itherael breaks the chain, he is linked to other enemies near him.
  • Writings of the Talus’ar: When Itherael breaks the chain, he imprints the ground beneath the chain with ethereal runes that 20% grant movement to all allies that stand on them. These runes last 3 sec.

W: Circle of Memories: Itherael creates a ring of glyphs on the target location that slowly forms over 3 sec. The full circle lasts 4 sec. Enemies standing on the glyphs take moderate damage each second. Itherael can use Decipher in the center of the circle to trigger additional effects.

  • Released Memories: When Itherael triggers the Circle of Memories, three ethereal bolts spiral outward from the center that deal moderate damage to all enemies in their path.
  • Remembrance: When Itherael triggers the Circle of Memories, all enemies near the circle are pulled inside.
  • Dome of Pandemonium: When Itherael triggers the Circle of Memories, an ethereal dome that forms after 0.5 sec traps enemies within for 1.5 sec.

E: Gale of Fate: Sends forward a slowly travelling ethereal rune that grows in size and reveals the area as it travels. Itherael can use Decipher while the symbol travels to trigger additional effects.

  • Halo of Fate: When Itherael deciphers the glyph, an ethereal ring of light is triggered at the location, which slowly grows in size causing more damage the bigger the ring is. Also blinds them for 2 sec.
  • Fateful Tempest: When Itherael deciphers the glyph, three small roaming ethereal tornadoes are formed. Tornadoes last 6 sec and cause moderate damage to enemies in their path.
  • Winds of Change: When Itherael deciphers the glyph, an ethereal hurricane that does not move and covers a wide area is formed at the location. It deals moderate damage per second to enemies within and snares them by 20% for 2 sec.

• R1: Shared Fate: After a delay, Itherael shares his fate with a target enemy hero. If Itherael dies while this is active, the affected enemy will die with him. Shared Fate lasts 6 sec.

  • Twist of Fate: Affected enemy heroes that attack Itherael while Shared Fate is active heal Itherael instead of damaging him. In addition, all that damage is reflected to the attacker.

• R2: Enigma: Itherael shrouds himself in a runic ethereal barrier for 6 sec that reduces damage taken by 25%. While protected, Phasing has 4 sec cooldown and attacks done to him retaliate with a long beam of ethereal light in the attacker’s direction that causes moderate damage to all enemies inside.

  • Jah Ith Ber: Enigma is now passive.

Trait: Decipher: Itherael imprints an ethereal rune on the target location that forms after 0.5 sec and lasts 3 sec. Decipher deals moderate damage each second. Decipher triggers additional effects when used on talented basic abilities. Decipher requires 1 Runeword to use.

  • Keywords: Reduces Decipher cooldown to 4 sec.

1: Phasing: Itherael can teleport to a selected mid-range location every 20 sec.

  • Unveil: Phasing now reveals the area.

2: Readings of the Talus’ar: Itherael requires to read the Scrolls of Talus’ar to obtain Runewords that are used to cast Decipher. Every 2 sec spent reading, Itherael gains 1 Runeword and a shield equal to 10% his maximum health that lasts forever. Itherael can learn up to 3 Runewords.

  • Identify: Increases the number of Runewords Itherael can memorize to 5.
  • Bulwark of Fate: Increases the shielding effect to 15% his health whenever Itherael gains a Runeword.
  • Proofreading: Halves the time required to learn Runewords and get shields.

Andariel, Maiden of Anguish
Universe: Diablo
Role: Melee Warrior
Difficulty: Medium

Q: Venomous Coil: Send forward two slow moving bolts of poison at either sides of an angle that go through enemies and structures. Moving the cursor closer to Andariel will widen the angle. These bolts cause strong damage over 3 sec. This ability has a medium-long range.

  • Vampiric Fangs: 25% of the damage caused is returned as health.
  • Vicious Poison: Each enemy hit reduces its cooldown by 0.5 sec.
  • Closer is better: Reduces Venomous Coil range by 60%, but increases its damage by 40%.

W: Poison Spray: Channel to spray noxious gas clouds that slowly travel a very short distance forward causing moderate damage over 2 sec. The direction of the gas clouds can be directed with the cursor.

  • Weakening Gas: Enemies hit are rendered vulnerable for 2 sec.
  • Noxious Veil: Each enemy hit grants 1 charge of block.
  • Cloudkill: Increases the size of the gas clouds by 30% and their damage by 30%.

E: Grievous Embrace: Andariel embraces her enemies and deals moderate damage in a frontal cone. This ability drags enemies towards the central angle of the cone. Damage increased if enemies are affected by Anguish. Andariel receives a shield for 25% the damage dealt and heals herself for another 25% of the damage caused.

  • Amusement: Increases both shield and healing effect to 50% of the damage caused (100% total).
  • Torment: Enemies hit are slowed by 40% diminishing over 2 sec.
  • Group Hug: Total damage increased by 20% per enemy hero caught in the area.

• R1: Envenom: Release a burst of poisonous magic around Andariel, causing strong damage over 2 sec to all enemies in close range. Envenom has a chance of gaining a charge when Andariel is hit. Can hold up to 2 charges.

  • Andariel’s Visage: Attacks done to Andariel have a 30% chance to retaliate, passively triggering a burst of Envenom.

• R2: Relish: Channel for 4 sec to cause strong increasing damage to all enemies in close range. Damage increased if enemies are affected by Anguish. While Andariel channels Relish, she is resistant and gains a shield equal to all damage inflicted by this ability.

  • Sister of Torture: Enemies hit by Relish are rendered vulnerable and are slowed by 40% while it lasts.

Trait: Anguish: Andariel fills the enemies she strikes with anguish, blocking all incoming heals and health regeneration effects for an amount equal to 25% of her damage dealt with her basic attacks and abilities. Anguish lasts for 6 sec. Further attacks refresh the duration and increase the effect up to 25% of the enemy’s maximum health.

  • Despair: Anguish now passively stacks over time until fully healed, up to 25% of the enemy’s maximum health. The stacking effect refreshes the duration of Anguish.

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