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About me

I am a passionate World of Warcraft player interested in designing in general. I don’t only make 4th specs though, my scope ranges from designing -and reworking- classes and creating world content -including dungeons, raids and their boss fights- to mapping and devising new gameplay mechanics. All I create tries to suit in one way or another Warcraft’s lore as much as possible. Keep in mind that if something seems a bit astray from canon lore, it might not be so in the future. Lore is everchanging!

Nevertheless, my aspiration and desire for designing dates back to when I was a child, time in which I spent countless hours happily creating maps for Starcraft, Heroes II & III and Age of Empires I & II using the official map editors the games included. My interest for more technical, class designing came thanks to Diablo I & II as I played thoroughly with all heroes, in an attempt to understand how they worked.

However, it was not until I started playing Tibia that I finally decided to write up and organize my ideas in paper and post them on Tibia forum boards. The first proposal I wrote dates to 2007 and was titled ‘The Undersea Kingdom‘. It was an underwater area concept which included quests, creatures, items and new features. The good feedback I received from my ideas greatly pushed me forward to continue designing for the game. In 2008 I received word that CipSoft (the team behind Tibia) grew interested in my ideas and picked up some of them to be implemented in game. The first to be made real was a creature concept for Sea Serpents, introduced in the year’s Summer Update. I was very happy to be acknowledged for my work, and went on creating new fanmade content for Tibia for the following years. Some of these new ideas included further gameplay enhancements, several more area concepts and other miscellaneous ideas like mounts or cosmetics.

A few years I was introduced to Warcraft universe, and started my personal World of Warcraft experience in May 2010 (during Wrath of the Lich King). I soon became marveled by the creativity that was behind everything in the game. With my growing enthusiasm after the launch of Cataclysm, I could not help but to create for this game too. The first idea to come across was that all classes would receive a fourth specialization in an hypothetical new expansion. As a priest myself, I started with what was more familiar and made up a fourth specialization for priests. Since then, this idea has expanded into a cascade of concepts for all classes, in some cases getting two or more fourth specialization ideas. Some other parallel ideas and concepts also happened in that time, such as ‘Flexible Raids‘ for World of Warcraft, before they made it to the game; or an ‘Introduction to the playable Ethereal race‘, also for World of Warcraft. During my way, I have teamed up with wonderful friends that were inspired by my work, most prominently with @_Vanderiel_, who has offered me his unconditional support and has become a pillar of my life; and @Dizlain, who has proven a brilliant critic.

I spent the following years building up this blog, writing, editing and updating my ideas as expansions passed by. In 2015, @_Vanderiel_ and I have again peered up to work out what seems to be our most ambitious project: the fanmade expansion ‘Eye of Azshara‘, which is currently still in progress. My latest works include a design of a Necromancer class revival for Diablo III and cards for Hearthstone based on possible future Adventures. As for the future, I plan to write two more fanmade expansion concepts, one based on the Twisting Nether and the other about the remaining Old Gods in Azeroth. Ideas never cease to come!

In game, I stand as a proud healer, guild and raid leader with experience across the whole difficulty spectrum. A fan of Ethereals, rare and achievement hunter and an avid explorer.

With love and joy,

Mario a.k.a. Aza


Twitter: @AzalarNoir

All icons and themes showed here from Warcraft, Diablo or Hearthstone belong to Blizzard Entertainment. Tibia logo belongs to CipSoft GmbH. Other images belong to their owners.


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